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ernieErnie Belanger
6 Woods Edge
Burnt Hills, NY 12027

Dear Fellow Christians,

I’ve known Dewey for about 5 years now. I had the honor of being blessed to write a cover story on him when he was the manager of Christian Radio Station KKIM. During that process I found him not only to be a strong Christian leader but I also found him to truly be a chosen man of God.

Over the years I’ve watched as God has used him as a beacon of light in our world that is so filled with darkness. It came of no surprise to me when he stepped away from active radio broadcasting to devote full time to spreading the Gospel of Jesus to the masses.

Like the Apostle Paul, Dewey holds back no truth when it comes to Christians and what God’s expectations are of us as we walk daily in the world. He truly has been gifted by God and holds to the Biblical truths that God has presented in his word.

I was honored almost two years ago now to be baptized by Dewey in a swimming pool in North Carolina when he was there for a revival. I have known the Lord for years but was only Baptized as a child previously. The pool incidentally was owned by Christian Author Karen Rowe. (Karen Rowe is founder of Hope In Today Ministries in Efland, NC  and writes for FGGAM) My wife and I drove down from New York to meet him there.

There is no doubt that Dewey is the real deal. The Spirit walks with him daily and his ministry For God’s Glory Alone and Daily Cup email uplifts thousands in the name of God.

I can not put words on paper to strongly enough encourage you to invite Dewey to your church or organization to share with you his Divinley Inspired and uplifting evangelistic lessons.

Ernie Belanger
Former Editor
Christian Radio Guide Magazine

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