FGGAM Ministry Update: FGGAM.ORG Reaches a new level for God’s Glory Alone!


Paul and Josiedewey sat 4IsaacWe wanted to share with you the work of God. In the last two days FGGAM.ORG has had 1,794 visitors! For us here at FGGAM that is a 2 day record of people coming to visit us. To report the news from a Biblical view, to present the inspiration of God is our calling, through this web site, radio, TV, video on this site, preaching, teaching, conferences, and counseling. To give 1,794 a glimpse of heaven is a blessing, it is what God has called us to do. Bring the light of Jesus Christ to one person at a time. Picture a library please, here at FGGAM.ORG we have nearly 3,000 books for you to check out, that is nearly 3,000 post’s of inspiration and news articles that our volunteers have written since Feb. 1st. It interesting to see the posts that were written when we first started in Feb. are still being read to this day, so I compare FGGAM.ORG to a library, you can check out our posts at anytime. A Christian Library of nearly 3,000 books just for you! We are approaching 75,000 visitors to FGGAM.ORG since Feb 1st. For God’s Glory Alone. Canada has moved up to our number two country. We also have a new Media Center for you. Go to the Media icon at the top of our site and hear our radio programs, we now have branched out to Socorro, New Mexico as another area for our radio program, The World we live in. You can also hear our sermons at the Media center. We are very, very humbled what God is doing through this little Ministry, Myself and Sharon and Paul and Josie Holt and Isaac Milleson our CTO and all our families, send all our love to you and yours, in Jesus name, Amen! The pictures are from the top down: Pastor Paul Holt and his lovely wife Josie who prays over all the needs that come to us and are posted on the prayer wall. Myself and my angel Sharon who does Inspirational speaking and encourages me on my walk with Jesus each day and she has sacrificed much as all our families have. The last photo is of me and Isaac who has brought much “Life” to FGGAM.ORG!

My life verse is: My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24

People are hungry for Jesus.
glory to God

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