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Dear Family of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We love you! How are you today/ Do you need prayer? Send me an email pastordewey@fggam.org 
People appreciate small things, like buying them a cup of coffee, a coke, and a donut! Don’t forget everybody has needs..some are dying for a hug or a door that is held open for them! AMEN! 
You have got to click on this link and you will be BLESSED! AMEN! Thank you Pastor Paul Holt! 
I will be teaching Men’s Bible study tonight at Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood, All are welcomed 7pm!  For God’s Glory Alone! 
Picture of Dad as he enters WWII US Marines picture of Mom Senior in High School Wally and Ruth Moede They now reside in heaven Thank you Cousin Darry Hanson for the picture of my Mom. Dad and Mom my Hero’s they never asked for anything lived a great Christian life
Photo: Picture of Dad as he enters WWII US Marines picture of Mom Senior in High School Wally and Ruth Moede They now reside in heaven Thank you Cousin Darry Hanson for the picture of my Mom. Dad and Mom my Hero's they never asked for anything lived a great Christian life
Here is a note from Linda Dodd who used to listeb to me on KKIM FM out of Santa Fe:
you are a blessing.
thank you for adding my prayer request re my son….. the Lord is already moving.
seems a whole lot of brothers and sisters are in the book of Isaiah these days!  we sure do live in exciting times!  look at chapter 46, verses 9 and 10.
you are in my prayers and I smile every time I see a name I recognize(ON the CUP), and today there were a whole lot of them!
Linda Dodd
Father, I lift up Dewey to you now, and I pray that you continue to uplift him, go before him, fill him, and show him favor in the land of the living.  I thank you for the courage and boldness you have given him, and I thank you for the wisdom and discernment you continually provide for him.  Bless him, and send out ministering angels, warring angels, and give him a continuing hunger and desire for Your Word.  We stand in agreement that in these last days Your Word is Truth, and Your Word tells us that on this Rock You have built Your Church, and the gates of hades will not prevail against it.  Your Word tells us that no one will pluck us out of Your Hand.  Your Word tells us that You will strengthen and protect us from the evil one, and deliver us safely into Your heavenly kingdom.  We long to see You face to face.  But until then, Father, empower us to follow Your Spirit, through Jesus our Savior, and continue to show us others through Your eyes.  We ask these things in the precious Name of Jesus, Amen.
Amen! It is so wonderful to have people praying for you all over the World! That is what we are to do, lift each other up to the Lord! Amen! We have a group of women in Mexico through the Amistad Church that pray for us everyday! PRAISE GOD! Thank you Linda Dodd for your love!
The Daily CUP was started 16 years ago as a praying ministry and that is what we are for God’s Glory Alone! God has blessed us with many prayer partners!
Today my friends I bring Bob Hartley to the front of the line to pray for. At 9am this morning he and his wife are in Divorce Court. We are praying for a miracle! yes we are, pray with us! in Jesus name, Amen!
Eric Neff is feeling better! Praise God!
Also I ask that you visit the Prayer Wall at www.fggam.org and pray over the many prayer needs there!
Now yesterday I posted about FGGAM.ORG going over 50,000 visitors, but then the Lord said to me while I was shaving, WHOA! SLOW DOWN SON! You are reaching more than that for ME! Please read over this post……. Wanell Pate Board Member of FGGAM says, “You are free to do what God wants you to do, no longer managed by man!” AMEN! Writer for FGGAM Shona Neff said,” You have surrounded yourself with good Godly people.” AMEN!
WISE WORDS FROM GODLY WOMEN! Do not do or say anything unless God tells you, be in AWE of GOD! And as Shona says surround yourself with Godly people!
I am weeping over what God is doing……please read and pray for us!
This post has changed since it was in the CUP yesterday after the Lord spoke to me more……..
good newsWe give Glory to God for what he is doing here at FGGAM! WOW! I am in AWE OF GOD in what HE has done with this little ministry! After I posted a story this morning of announcing 50,000 visitors to FGGAM I went to shave  and the Lord told me, stop and look at the people you are touching in the work you are doing for ME, I am in AWE! This is no longer small because we have a BIG GOD! WOW WEE! Yesterday we went over 50,000 visitors to the FGGAM web site since Feb 1st when we re-did our site to become news and inspiration. When you include the Ministry of Dewey’s Daily CUP email Ministry the total of people that FGGAM has reached since Feb 1st of this year is 173,200.
This does not include all those that we have reached on radio, TV, youtube, Dewey’s Daily Cup website, Preaching, Teaching and counseling.  We are hearing from people all over the world! We thank all of you for visiting FGGAM! Thank you for making FGGAM part of your busy day! I might add that Dewey’s Daily CUP Ministry is 16 years old! We do post it weekdays here on the FGGAM website now.
If you would like to be included in the CUP’s email database just email me: pastordewey@fggam.org   We are constantly making improvements to the site. We just changed servers to meet the demand, we as I like to say needed to move into a bigger building to handle the increased traffic to FGGAM. Our traffic has inceased so much in the last three months, during the week now every two days  we have about 1,000 visitors.
We also purchased the domain www.fggam.com.   We have over 20 volunteer writers, which we praise God for! I thank Jannetta  Dodsondewey lars for getting us started and then Pastor Paul Holt for taking off on the news and inspiration vision from our radio and tv programming!
Pastor Paul pushed me in a good way!!! LOL! Sometimes you will find that your mentor’s need to push you in love! Then our third wave came, that being Isaac Milleson who is helping put FGGAM on a new level for God’s Glory Alone!
This is all about God and fulfilling what he has told us to do, bring My people news and inspiration from a Biblical perspective and be bold says the Lord. We also pray that you join us during your busy day at the prayer wall. Josi Holt constantly pray’s over all the needs that are on the prayer wall, will you join us each day?
Please let us know how we can better serve you! Would you pray about supporting our efforts here at FGGAM with a love offering? You can give right here from this web site if you feel moved to do so. God Bless you.
It does take funds to keep us going. Please pray about planting seeds into the ministry of FGGAM.
At this time the Lord is showing me new things, new works, we do not move until the Lord says too. Stay tuned!
For God’s Glory Alone, Pastor Dewey
For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and family

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Thank you,
Dewey Moede

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