Late Term Abortion Ban will be on Albuquerque Election Ballot! PRAISE GOD!

Confirmed: Late Term Abortion Ban Will be Placed On ABQ Election Ballot
Albuquerque, NM- In an unexpected and heated exchange during the ABQ City Council meeting on September 16th, Councilors inevitably voted to put the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance on a citywide election ballot.

“The will of the people has prevailed tonight and we are excited to move forward to ensure that women and their babies are protected from perilous late term abortions. We are confident moving forward that Albuquerque residents don’t want their city to be known for being the “go to” place for late term abortions. Albuquerque is one step closer to seeing this come to an end,” stated Tara Shaver.

On September 9th, the ABQ Journal published a poll of the people to determine whether or not they support the ordinance. 54% of Albuquerque residents support the ban, which aligns pretty closely with national polls regarding late term abortion restrictions.The City Councilors who voted against the resolution to ensure that the ordinance be placed on an election ballot were, Trudy Jones (R), Isaac Benton (D), Roxanne Myers (R) and Rey Garduno (D).

Tara Shaver

Spokesperson, Project Defending Life

Pastor Dewey Note:

At last nights meeting several City Councilor’s questioned whether the measure is constitutional or not. City Council President Dan Lewis said, ” We’re following the City Charter, it’s not really our purview to decide whether this is constitutional or not.”

I thank the Lord for Pastor Dan Lewis and his leadership on this issue and moving it forward.

Councilor Roxanna Meyers said, “Every court that’s reviewed this type of law has decided it’s unconstitutional. I think it is irresponsible of us to move forward with an election that would trigger litigation.”

Let us pray for Roxanna Meyers and all those who voted against LIFE! That they will see the light of Jesus Christ.

Can you even imagine what God thinks when his people talk such stuff, as Meyers did last night?

It’s not what we think, it’s all about God and His ways!

What is disappointing is that the Council did have the option of approving the Ordinance outright, with no election, but not one Councilor spoke in favor of that.

Let us continue to pray over this matter, we pray it passes, we pray that through this many will come to Jesus Christ and His way, the only way, in Jesus name, Amen!

At 7:49am we just got this statement from Protect ABQ Women and Children:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
For Immediate Release
Elisa Martinez
Protect ABQ Women & Children
Protect ABQ Women & Children Praises City Council for Following City Charter and Allowing Albuquerque Residents’ Voices to be Heard
 ALBUQUERQUE, NM –  Local advocacy group “Protect ABQ Women & Children” applauds the Albuquerque City Council for allowing the “Pain Capable Unborn Children Ordinance” to go to the people for a vote.
“Democracy and the rule of law prevailed, despite attempts by abortion extremists to disenfranchise voters,” said Elisa Martinez, executive director of Protect ABQ Women & Children. “Thirteen states have passed a 20-week ban on abortion because Supreme Court rulings have set precedents which allow for restrictions by a state or municipality on abortion on behalf of the unborn child when there is compelling interest to do so; we know that Albuquerque residents believe that the unborn child experiencing tremendous amounts of pain at 20-weeks, or five-months gestation, and beyond is compelling enough interest for the ordinance to pass and be upheld in the court of law.”
In a 5-4 vote the council approved the measure to appear on the ballot.
“It is unfortunate that there were obstructionists on the council that voted against the voices of 27,000 citizens and more who support this measure. We hope that they will also be moved by the facts about the dangers of the late-term abortion industry as the issue moves forward in favor of protection for women and children,” Martinez

In July, Protect ABQ Women & Children, along with other pro-life groups turned in nearly 27,000 signatures, more than double the necessary needed to put the measure on a city-wide ballot, in half the allotted time. Protect ABQ Women & Children is a local advocacy campaign that is working to raise awareness of the dangers of the late-term abortion industry in Albuquerque

and to garner support for the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance” which bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.


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