It’s a Bizarro World


As a kid, I used to read Superman comics. One character, Bizarro, was very interesting to me. He was an imperfect clone of Superman, whose mind was like a negative copy. Good was bad, winning was losing and so on.

bizarroworldIn the early 1960s, a new planet was discovered in the outer reaches of the universe, and it turned out to be a strange place, populated by some weird and wonderful characters. Originally the planet was a normal spheroid, but due to a peculiar set of events the planet is now cube-shaped.
The Bizarros are imperfect duplicates of humans, mostly (with the odd Kryptonian feature thrown in for good measure), and many of them, including the original Bizarro himself (Bizarro #1), are actually pretty close copies of Bizarro’s arch-nemesis, Superman.
Everything about Bizarro World is backwards, and the planet functions under the Bizarro Code, which states:
“Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!”
All Bizarros have chalky-white skin, but other than that they resemble the human they were duplicated from. They even share that person’s memories and feelings; however, they lack the clarity of mind to be able to act as the original would, and they cannot function as citizens of human society.

I find it eerily similar to the world we find our self in today. Work is punished but laziness is rewarded. Boys can go into the girls room if they feel more like the opposite sex. True education is discouraged and so on.

This is a new segment I will call Bizarro World.


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