American School Leaves Out Pledge on 9/11 but Includes Muslim Poem


Pledge of AllegianceMany American schools are discouraging patriotism and citizenship in favor of building sympathy for muslims and international community.

A Boston school has come under some fire for marking the 12th anniversary of 9/11 with a controversial commemoration involving — or rather not involving — the Pledge of Allegiance. On Wednesday at Concord Carlisle High School students were treated to an Islamic poem over the intercom but didn’t recite the Pledge.

Following the incident, which sparked anger among some in the community, the school’s principal has issued an apology.

Some parents were upset after the poem, Mohja Kahf’s “My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears,” was read but the Pledge was skipped on a day many were remembering the worst terror attack in American history.

In a statement, Principal Peter Badalament offered an apology, noting that the failure to read the Pledge was an error and that the poem’s intention was to offer up “cross-cultural understanding,”reports the Boston Globe.

“Yesterday was the first Wednesday of the school year; we were unaware that our student Pledge reader had an internship commitment on this day,” read the statement. “This was our responsibility to know. We humbly apologize that this oversight and communication gap occurred.”

Badalament went on to say that a “small number” of parents were outraged by the incident, telling the outlet in an e-mail that he received phone calls and e-mails from some of the angry parents.

The poem, which focuses upon a young woman whose grandmother ceremonially washes her feet in a SEARS department store, offers a look at a “clash of civilizations,” as noted in the text itself.

“We had the well-being of students at the forefront of our thinking when we chose to acknowledge 9/11 by reading a poem that focused on cross-cultural understanding rather than unsettling words and images associated with the event,” the principal added in speaking about the scenario.

The school will reportedly integrate some of the parental feedback that officials have received into its practices. This event comes after another school was forced to cancel plans to bring in an Islamic speaker to commemorate the day.

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