Stand For Life, Defending The Unborn Human: Abortion Battle Albuquerque


Survivors Of The Abortion Holocaust Leave Indelible Imprint On Albuquerque!

Survivors 2013 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, will never be the same as Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust visited the city for the last ten days.  A pro-life conference highlighted the first weekend followed by a week of activism by the Survivors that showed Albuquerque how to get the message out.  Town hall meetings were held every evening with excellent speakers from a broad range of the pro-life movement.  Approximately 10,000 information cards were distributed around Albuquerque, especially in the neighborhoods surrounding the abortion facilities.  Survivors and others displayed evidence of the victims of abortion, had discussions with many in the community, plus many other activities.

Cards distributed in Albuquerque

Survivors visited the Holocaust and Intolerance Museum that resulted in the media and others taking note

“Survivors youth expose Dr. Leeman, director of Dar a Luz “Natural Birthing” Center for teaching fellow doctors how to KILL children, as well as deliver them. During a peaceful awareness campaign, Leeman’s wife came screeching out. She threatened to, then tried to drive over some of our teen girls. Other pro-aborts assaulted our signs, and grabbed at our cameras.” – Survivors, Facebook


“At last night’s town hall meeting Jeff White was talking about what the Survivors were going to do tomorrow, and he said, “We’re going to go out into the community and comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

What a profound and yet basic way to look at it. That’s exactly what Jesus did every day as well. He comforted those who were afflicted, and he afflicted those who were comfortable with life with the Truth.

Today, the Survivors did just that. They exposed a birthing center who had a connection with a doctor that not only performs abortions, but TEACHES others how to perform them at UNM. Exposing this is just another piece of truth that should stir folks to take a stand for the unborn.

What an amazing week it has been. I’ve learned so much, been encouraged to look at every day as an opportunity to do something to help women and the unborn, and live out my faith.” – Laura Morrison

From Tara Shaver: Great talk tonight at the Town Hall Meeting here in ABQ. I loved that Father Stephen Imbarrato put churches getting involved into its proper perspective. First help heal the wounded post abortive individuals, so that we can work to save the ultimate victims of abortion, our brothers and sisters in the womb. Post abortive ministries are important and should be stepping stones to getting more people active in saving babies lives. Both are vital components!

Dana Cody, Executive Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, spoke about the constitutionality of the proposed ordinance.  She stated that the pro-aborts overturned laws in all 50 states with Roe v. Wade.  “Why should we do any less than the pro-aborts?  Why not?”

“If you did something today to shorten the abortion Holocaust for one day, 3,300 babies will be saved.” – Troy Newman, Operation Rescue

“For the baby that is saved today, Roe v. Wade is overturned.” – Troy Newman, Operation Rescue

Town hall meeting: Samantha Serrano, Students for Life UNM; Tara Shaver, Project Defending Life; Troy Newman, Operation Rescue; Grant Bresett, 24:11 Ministry; Mark Harrington, Created Equal

Members of Survivors and other pro-lifers spoke at City Council meeting
Local pro-lifers spread the message too!

Samantha and Christina, Students for Life UNM, at Planned Parenthood with Survivors