The Word of the Day: What about Hypocrisy?


“There would be no hypocrites if there were no genuine Christians. No one would try to forge bank notes if there were no genuine ones.” British Preacher and one of the greatest teachers of the Gospel, Charles Spurgeon

Please be in prayer as you soak this in…………

When people express anger at hypocrisy, they are in good company—-Jesus directed some of his harshest words at the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of His day. At least on this subject, our friends and God are actually on the same side.

Jesus alone was free from sin; therefore, He is the only person who is also completely free from hypocrisy. He will never disappoint those who put their trust in Him.

Many hypocrites are only pretending to be Christians. That said, however, hypocrisy is a sin and even believers struggle with it. There is a difference, however, between a struggling but honest believer and a hypocrite who refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Judgmentalism can refer to an unacceptable “I’m better that you” attitude. It can also refer to Christians belief that we are right in our beliefs, and therefore others are wrong. That is usually spiritual confidence, which is natural (as long as it doesn’t get mixed with arrogance) Everyone thinks that what they believe is true. Don’t make that the issue; rather, keep the discussion focused on Jesus Christ! Amen!

Matthew 23: 3 says………

Be careful about following them. They talk a good line, but they don’t live it. They don’t take it into their hearts and live it out in their behavior. It’s all about spit-and-polish veneer.

From the Message Bible

Please read now Matthew 23: 1-12

After reading God’s Word, pray on this:

Ask God to reveal any hypocritical tendencies in your life. Amen!
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  1. Hypocrisy can be very subtle in its operation. I, for one, find that I need to check my motives regularly and ask the LORD TO KEEP ME IN SINCERITY AND TRUTH. I believe that is why Paul counsels us in Romans 12:9 to let our love be sincere and in Ephesians 4:15 he tells us to speak the truth in love so that we may grow up into Him in all things, which is the Head, even Christ.

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