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I have a rather urgent request. The citizens of Albuquerque have a chance to make a tremendous impact in the protection of life here in our city. We would appreciate it if you could pass this on to your readers.



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The Right To Life Committee of New Mexico


Committee Member of Albuquerque Right To Life



Please join us today for this historic press conference today at 12:00 at Southwest Women’s Options (522 Lomas NE, 87112) and also on Friday, July 5, 5:30 pm at Project Defending Life (625 San Mateo Blvd NE) to get pertinent information about getting the required signatures. We need EVERYONE’S help. We have a very small window of opportunity to make this happen and need everyone’s efforts to make this successful. 
Press Release
For Immediate Release

On June 28th, 2013, concerned citizens of Albuquerque, New Mexico filed a petition for direct legislation by voter initiative with the Albuquerque City Clerk. The “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance” – if put into law in the City of Albuquerque – will protect women and children from abortion.

Late term abortions are legal up to the ninth month of pregnancy In the state of New Mexico. These abortions are, in fact, being performed in the City of Albuquerque each week on women who come from all across the nation to obtain them.

The citizens of Albuquerque are deeply concerned about the safety of women seeking abortions beyond 20 weeks, which, according to late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd, owner of Southwestern Women’s Options, informed consent paperwork are more dangerous than carrying the pregnancy to term.

All across the nation, and most recently in Texas, the issue of fetal pain has come to the surface for all to examine. Neurologist Paul Ranalli states that, “At 20 weeks, the fetal brain has the full complement of brain cells present in adulthood, ready and waiting to receive pain signals from the body, and their electrical activity can be recorded by standard electroencephalography (EEG).”

The citizens of Albuquerque want these pain capable unborn children to be protected as a result of this initiative and will be seeking to obtain the required signatures over the next month to ensure that this ordinance is put on the Albuquerque October election ballot.

Press Conference
Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Location: 522 Lomas NE, 87112



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