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If this ……is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—–lest you….


fight against God.  Acts 5:38,39




Gamaliel’s great wisdom was founded in the principle that whatever is done outside of God’s will cannot last. However, whatever God does is eternal. God’s great plans will never fail, so obey whatever He tells you to do. AMEN! PRAISE GOD!




Today read all of Acts 5.






Many of you will remember the post I did on Hero’s last week. It was about Harmon Killebrew and the conversation I had with his wife, Nita Killebrew. Click here to read the Post: Yesterday in the mail I got a lovely card from her and the “program” from Harmon’s funeral.
My birthday is coming up on July 4th, I love it that I was born on the date our Country was born! AMEN! I will be 57 years old, I celebrate my birthday everyday for God’s Glory Alone! My Mom and Dad were told when I was 4 years old that I may never walk and run like the other kid’s but here I am 57 years young and running the bases every Monday night in softball! PRAISE GOD!!! I do not take that for granted, I preach it to the boy’s that we must play every game like it is our last! We must live everyday for the Lord like it is our last! I love this game of baseball!! I love this life for God’s Glory Alone!
In the program Nita sent me is this from former Minnesota Twins Pitcher Jim “Mudcat” Grant………..

Mudcat Grant
by Jim ‘Mudcat’ Grant © 2002
Published: Baseball Almanac (March 2002)
Life is like a game of baseball,
You play it every day.
It isn’t just the breaks you get,
But the kind of game you play.

So stop and look your whole team over,
And you’ll find dedication there.
You’re bound to be a winner,
With men who really care.

Your pitcher’s name is Courage,
You need him in the game.
For faith and trust your keystone men,
The grounders they will tame.

Your center fielder is very fast,
Though small and hard to see.
So watch him, son, when he gets,
The ball. He’s Opportunity.

In left field there’s Ambition,
Never let him shirk.
For in right field there’s a husky man,
I’m told his name is Work.

At first base there’s Religion,
He’s stood the test of time.
At third base there’s brotherhood,
The stalwart of the nine.

Your catcher’s name is Humor,
He’s important to the scheme.
For with honor warming in the bull pen,
The game is always clean.

With Love on the bench,
You’ve perfection no less.
With a winning team,
And joy and happiness.

Your other team is Strong, son,
Greed, Hatred, Envy and Defeat.
Are four strong infielders,
You’ll have to buck to make your game complete.

Deceitfulness and a man called Waste,
Are always playing hard.
Selfishness and jealousy,
None can you disregard.

Carelessness and Falsehood,
Are the big boys in the pen.
You’ll have to swing hard, son,
When you come up to them.

There’s one more man you’ll have to watch,
He’s always very near.
He’s the pitcher on that team,
And I’m told his name is Fear.

This game will not be easy,
There’ll be trouble, there’ll be strife.
To make the winning runs, my boy,
For this game is played on the field of life.

So stand behind your team, my boy,
There’ll be many who’ll applaud.
Just remember that you’re the player,
And the umpire here is God.

Life by Jim ‘Mudcat’ Grant © 2002
Amen! Praise God!
For God’s Glory Alone in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and family

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