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Dear family of our Lord Jesus Christ,




Amen to this!!!! Amen!!! Thanks to Pastor Brenton for posting I pray you all have a wonderful home sweet home!! Thank You Lord!!! Men pray over your wife and kid’s, pray over your home, your territory, claim all for God! For God’s Glory Alone! There is nothing like God’s peace in our homes!
Photo: Amen to this!!!! Amen!!! Thanks to Pastor Brenton for posting I pray you all have a wonderful home sweet home!!  Thank You Lord!!!














“Be of Good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33




As we continue today I share the Word’s of Jesus Christ with you, be of good cheer! Yesterday we talked about avoiding chaos! Thanks for the encouraging words about the post Wannel Pate! 




We dare not get caught up in the darkness, we are to defeat the darkness, not get caught up in it.




For years I have called the darkness, “The Nothing Noise”, yesterday I heard a lot of it! Oh my! Too many people being consumed by the Nothing Noise of the World. Christians wasting time and energy being caught up in the darkness.




What is consuming you this day? Good stuff? bad stuff?




I repeat things often I know, but it is simple as this:An old Preacher was asked by a young man, “Preacher why do you say the same thing every Sunday?” The Old Preacher turned to this young fellow and replied, “Until my people “get it” I will keep on Preaching it!” 




How could a man about to be crucified say that He had overcome the world? Jesus  overcame the world by obeying His Father despite all challenges and opposition.  In a similar way, we too can be overcomers.




Be an overcomer of the darkness! Love the terms being an overcomer and occupying for our Lord Jesus Christ, there is nothing more important right now than that!!!!!! 




I want you to read right now Rev. 3:21 and 12:11




I have to share this with you, Yesterday I was reading in my Leadership magazine about how a Church in England has recorded “the sound of silence” YES! This is what the World has come to, with all the “Nothing Noise”  out there, a church decided to record SILENCE! They put it on a CD and it has been a big hit in England! Member’s of St. Peter’s Church in Sussex, England, recorded a little bit of the silence of the churches atmosphere. The recording features the ambient sound of footsteps, voices,  background traffic, but mostly SILENCE! The article closes with this: It’s more accurate to say that it’s a recording of something valuable that we’ve lost in our frantic lives—–silence. A Church spokesman  says people from all over the World have been ordering the CD.




Turn off the “Nothing Noise” in your life and read God’s Word, the bread of life, God will speak to you. God will guide you, He will send the Holy Spirit into your life to guide you. Peace brothers and sisters, peace be with you and yours. God’s peace.




I want to share this with you all on just how God is blessing FGGAM! We have about 20 people contributing Post’s to the web site www.fggam.org It is such a Godly web site. We have had almost now 11,000 visitors since we launched the news and inspiration site on Feb 1. We see that out top 3 countries are the USA, Great Britain and India!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WEE! That get’s me so fired up in our Lord. The Lord pulled me out of KKIM to do greater works for Him,. this is His plan. With our Preaching, Teaching, Counseling, TV, Radio, web site we are fulfilling the Great Comission for God’s Glory Alone. My testimony is all this news! Also to have a wife like Sharon supporting my efforts without a pay check. To have the many friends who give love offerings to continue this Ministry is amazing. To have my brother Paul Holt to manage the web site is amazing! To have friends all over the World in Jesus Christ is amazing! To have YOU, you all who are reading this as a friend is amazing! 




One of the Post’s that is one of the most popular in our short history is this from Shona Neff, it was posted for Mother’s Day but is still be read to this day. We are finding more and more people are reading our archives. People love posts’s on God, Love, and family. PRAISE GOD! They also love current events, which we post 24/7. Please read Shona’s post and find out why many, many are reading it. By the way, God has me take the temperature of all those reading FGGAM, as to how they are feeling, what they need, it is all led by God, it is with the guiding of the Holy Spirit. You can say that FGGAM is driven by the movement of the Holy Spirit. https://fggam.org/the-many-faces-of-mothers-day/



Today we come to you and ask for prayer for Molly Herrera. Molly has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We pray healing over Molly! AMEN!



We also pray for the young man who relapsed on drugs over the weekend and nearly died. Please pray for him and his family!



Monica Ruhl and Rick Stambaugh are stable at this time, and we will keep you posted, please continue to pray for healing. I talked to Pastor Bill about Monica and she is improving. Rick told me yesterday he is very tired.




May 29, 2013. What is that you fear? There is no fear or calamity so great that your God cannot handle it. Face that fear. Stand it down with your faith in God. A snake is to be feared but God is bigger. A snake bit Paul and was hanging from his hand over a fire. All were afraid. But Paul just shook the snake off into the fire, suffering no harm. You will see snakes during your lifetime. God wants you to shake them off into the fire. He wants a victory song from you.
Acts 28:3, 5 (NASB) “But when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire, a viper came out because of the heat and fastened itself on his hand… However he shook the creature off into the fire and suffered no harm.”  Ras Robinson
May 29, 2013. You haven’t seen anything yet. What’s ahead is so much more than what you’ve imagined. It will not be what you are thinking now. It will be much more. Hearing Me and following Me is simple. It isn’t always easy, but it is simple. If your heart is completely given over to Me, just do what comes to your mind and what is in your heart. The key is giving your heart totally to Me with no agenda of your own. My plan is much greater than your agenda.
1 Corinthians 2:9 (AMP) “But, on the contrary, as the Scripture says, What eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him [ who hold Him in affectionate reverence, promptly obeying Him and gratefully recognizing the benefits He has bestowed].”  Bev Robinson
For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

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  1. AMEN Brother. GOD will provide us with the strength we need if we ask him. Part of my weakness I mentioned is due to the very day I came home from the hospital after suffering a small stoke and having a lung procedure, my precious wife Sandy came down with a very severe stomach virus which has put her in bed with a high temp since the very night I got home. Asking GOD, he provided me with all the strength I needed to care for her from the moment I got home despite my very own weakness from my recent events. As you have taught me very well, ASK HIM, PRAY TO GOD AND HE WILL PROVIDE!!! Would also like to show great appreciation to Brother Holt, as you did above, for his hard work managing this OUTSTANDING website! I’m sure it takes a lot of his time and a lot of work and it is so greatly appreciated by so very many for bring us the WORD! It fills my heart with love to know so very many whom I’ve never even met are praying over my health condition as I pray for all those you mention daily and I can’t thank you all enough. PRAY PRAY PRAY and thank you all !!!
    rick stambaugh

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