By Radio Hall of Fame’s Frank Haley

ChristiansAre evangelical Christians rapidly becoming one of the most hated minorities in America? Once upon a time such a notion would have been unthinkable, but these days things are changing dramatically. All over the United States, evangelical Christians are being called “extremists” and evangelical Christian organizations are being labeled as “hate groups”. In fact, as I will detail later on in this article, a U.S. Army Reserve training presentation recently specifically identified evangelical Christians as “religious extremists”.
This should be extremely chilling for all evangelical Christians out there, because as history has shown us over and over again, when you want to persecute a particular group of people the first step is always to demonize them. And that is exactly what is being done to evangelical Christians today. Just look at how evangelical Christians are being portrayed on television and in the movies. Just look at how much hate is being spewed at Christians on the Internet.
The Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU, both of which are considered to be among the most prominent “civil rights” organizations in the United States, are seemingly obsessed with attacking evangelical Christians. It has become trendy to bash Christians, and that is a very frightening thing. After they have finished demonizing evangelical Christians, what will the next step be?
A U.S. Army Reserve equal opportunity training presentation entitled “Extremism and Extremist Organizations” actually included “Evangelical Christianity” as an example of “Religious Extremism” in a list that also included al-Qaeda, Hamas and the Ku Klux Klan. You can find a copy of the entire presentation right here.
Is this how evangelical Christians will be treated in the future? Will evangelical Christians be treated like members of the Ku Klux Klan or like members of al-Qaeda?
So why are evangelical Christians hated so much? Well, the truth is that they are primarily hated because of what they believe.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center is very open about who they consider the enemy to be. The following are just a few prominent evangelical Christian organizations that the SPLC identifies as hate groups…
The American Family Association
Concerned Women for America
Coral Ridge Ministries
Family Research Council
Anyone that is familiar with any of those groups knows that they are absolutely not hate groups.
Persecution of Christians is on the rise, and it is probably only going to get worse in the years ahead.
Remember what happened in Nazi Germany. There was a long program of demonization against the groups that the Nazis hated before they ever started to round them up and take them off to camps.
In the end, those that are now demonizing evangelical Christians will not just be satisfied with calling them names. They ultimately want much more, and what we are witnessing now is just the warm-up act.


  1. This article is riddled with slippery slope fallacies. If Christians don’t act like extremists (ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent, a pathological hatred of the US government) then they won’t be treated as such.

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