Reach Out


Would you break a rule to see a friend, sneak past “security” to encourage someone in isolation?  How far would you push an authority to reach out ?

love road_do not enterThis week, I am in California and one of my dear friends has been in isolation due to a medical condition for weeks.  She is alone and suffereing and there I was just down the street, a freeway or two away, nothing in the realm of California!!   Yes, I broke protocol and sailed passed an entrance acting like I knew what I was doing, well, I did and found the unmarked room where my friend has been held.  First I was not afraid to be in the same room with her and I certainly would not let someone at a desk keep me from the ongoing minsitry of encouragement.  Come on, my publication is titled, “the Encourager”!!

I am asking YOU these questions and presenting this scenario to you, so you can think, well what would you do, how far would you go to “defy” authority, yes, even here in the USA to stand for those principles we as Christians are called to exercise.  Prehaps this is a small example in light of current events and the tide that turns against more and more each day.  Maybe you think, rules are made for a reason and should be obeyed.  Just my thought or conviction that God’s will and prompting supersedes.

In this small piece, I do want to urge you to stay encouraging to one another, not to fear, because the Lord, Our God is with us.  Hold onto His Word and when you see opportunities, that may not be quite so dramatic, please, do you forget those who maybe once walked around freely, drove a car, taught a class, jogged in the morning and no longer can they do that.  No matter what age, tragedy can strike, there are no exemptions.  Why not today reach out and let someone you have not been in touch with for some time, know you have not forgotten them, they are in your thoughts and prayers?  God’s blessings rest on you and as John wrote to Gaius in his short 3rd letter, “I pray that you may prosper in all things, and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”