Is the earth 4,600,000,000 years old?


Is the earth 4,600,000,000 years old? Or, is the earth only 2,191,000 days (6,000 years) old?

by Dr Grady McMurtry:

Old_Earth“In various previous articles I have discussed specific Geochronometers which scientifically show that our earth, solar system, galaxy and universe are young, perfectly consistent with 6,000 years. The reason that I have gone to such great lengths about this subject is simple. The question of age, great or small, is the key issue in the evolution-creation debate. If the earth were old, it would not make evolution true. It would only mean that there might have been enough time for evolution to have occurred. If the earth is young, then no theory of evolution could possibly be true.

The general public has accepted the great ages of the earth and universe espoused by evolutionists because they are poorly informed. The public school system, dominated as it is by secular humanists, has taught their religion and its tenets. The liberal press and equally liberal Hollywood has furthered their cause of secularism by uniting behind a great age for the earth and universe. Even Christian schools are no guarantee that a young earth position will be taught scientifically in their curriculum.

In a more general way than before then, let us look at the indicators of the age of the earth and universe. Why do we challenge the established and generally accepted evolutionary views anyway?

First, people tend to be wrong about things. The study of human thought over time tends to indicate that the majority opinion is usually (perhaps always) wrong. Please remember that truth is not determined by voting. Truth is truth regardless of how few know what the truth is. Also, things which are mutually contradictory cannot both be true at the same time.

Second, it is the regular process by which we move forward and increase in knowledge. In his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1996), Thomas Kuhn noted that science always progresses by the established paradigm being questioned and someone bringing forth evidence for a new view which becomes so compelling, that the new view becomes the new, established paradigm. In real science we question, challenge and test all things.

Let us question, challenge and test evolutionism. Is it a view which the burden of truth supports or demolishes?

Who tests and decides such things? Who is qualified to take on such a task? Are scientists who wear white lab coats and sit in ivory towers, sequestered away in the world of academia, the only ones worthy of such a task? NO!

There are five methods of proof used by rational human beings to test and establish what is true. Briefly, these methods are: Scientific, Mathematical, Logical, Statistical and Berean. In order for something to be true it must be proven true by one or more of these methods and cannot be disproven by any of those remaining.

The scientific method, in which I was trained, is a good method, but highly limited because it can only deal with the here and now. It cannot test historical and non-repeatable events. For this reason, it cannot be used to prove either evolution or creation true.

If we are to question, challenge and test evolutionism versus creationism how else may we do it? We may use the legal method which relies upon rules of evidence and testimony presented before a jury who will judge and establish the truth.

Who may sit upon such a jury? Any person who has full use of their normal human intelligence and reasoning powers may sit upon such a jury. Any person picked to sit upon any jury has preconceived ideas, bias and opinions, but they are sworn to be as impartial as any human may be and they are to judge solely upon the evidence and testimony given, not upon their personal prejudices. Therefore, almost anyone is competent to sit upon a jury, unless they are so prejudiced that they would not change their preconceived opinion, even if they were given sufficient evidence that their preconceived opinion was wrong. In essence, anyone who says “do not confuse me with facts my mind is made up,” is a poor candidate for a jury. You do not have to be a scientist to judge what truth is.

Let us apply the legal method of proof to a jury sworn to go only where the evidence leads them, and present to them the indicators of the age of the earth and universe. What would their joint decision be? What would be their judgment beyond a reasonable doubt?

A jury looks at and compares evidences, displays and hears the conflicting positions carefully told by lawyers presenting their cases. The jury makes a decision based upon evidence to determine which position they have heard is correct, which position is the more cogent one.

What, today, is the dominant assumption of evolutionism? They MUST assume great periods of undocumentable prior time, i. e., millions and billions of years.

It behooves us to interject a quick discussion on what is myth and magic. The word “myth” means “story.”  The word derives from the Greek word “mythos.” A myth or story does not have to be negative, bad, evil or deceitful in nature. A myth is always an alternative historical account (supposed occurred in the past), whatever else it is. All myths that have been accepted by people have always been “proven” by stage magic, not black magic.

The myth, the story, of the great age of the earth and universe as told by evolutionists is exactly the same sort of a scenario. There is a myth told about the great age of things and a stage magic art of sorts is applied to the story to give the illusion of evidence. How is this done?

First, they tell the story. Second, they carefully suppress or hide the real facts that would create a problem for the story. Third, they embellish the facts that are supposed to support the story. Fourth, they claim proof of their story.

We all know that the magician we are watching is manipulating the playing cards he is handling in order to show us a card trick while he tells us a story and waves his “magic” wand over them. He is creating an illusion which we enjoy seeing, because we cannot do it; but, we all know that he is doing it, although we cannot see him do it. He makes the illusion seem real so we enjoy it as entertainment.

The magician says, “See, the card you chose has miraculously risen to the top of the deck!” You saw the evidence, so it must be real. The magician has used real science and personal skill and applied them together to produce an illusion to support a myth. If you are not on guard, if you are not sensitive to the wiles of the magician, anyone may be deceived by a well executed magic show.

The story of the great age of the earth and universe is a collection of magic shows done to deceive the gullible and those who are willfully ignorant. There is a considerable body of censored scientific information which contradicts evolutionism. There is a lot of knowledge about this subject which is not readily available to most people. They “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” (Romans 1:18)

Never, ever, get your scientific education and knowledge from: the Public Broadcasting System, Hollywood, The Learning Channel, Planet Kingdom, Discovery Channel, National Geographic or Time-Life Publishers. They will give you the presentation that favors the dominant myth without telling you the other known facts of science.

Today, evolutionists are knowingly and intentionally telling textbook publishers to NOT put facts in the public school textbooks, especially those facts that create a problem or are difficult for their dominant mythology to overcome.

The ancient Romans had an expression that translates to: “To list some, is to exclude all others.” If you only publish those facts and stories that support your worldview, you are excluding those facts that refute it. There is a great deal of censored science!

What are the age indicators for the earth and universe? The age indicators are the same for evolutionists and creationists. The difference is whether or not you are willing to consider all the details or whether you must suppress facts in order to exaggerate others. The whole thing is based upon the extrapolation of observed data, an extrapolation from real facts. This data is then extrapolated into past time through the use of a myth, a story.

Apply this to the various supposed scientific dating technologies, such as radiometric dating methods, those based solely upon the decay of radioactive elements. These methods propose to use current known decay rates of radioactive materials, like Uranium into Lead, in order to draw conclusions about the ancient age of the earth.

Evolutionists look at a rock weighing one pound. If the ratio of Uranium-238 and Lead-206 in the rock were 50% to 50%; the measured rate of radioactive decay for Uranium 238 is 4.5 billion years per half life; the evolutionists tell everyone that all the Lead-206 came from the decay of the Uranium 238: therefore the rock (and the earth in which it was found) must be 4.5 billion years old. This all sounds quite plausible.

The myth (story) transforms the rock (by stage magic) into evidence for an ancient earth age. We have seen the evidence, so it must be true. It seems so simple, it must be true!

Understand that extrapolation is not a bad thing and it has many beneficial uses. Over simplified extrapolation which leaves out important facts becomes misleading and intentionally deceptive!…”

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  1. If you think you can really prove the age of the earth is substantially less than 4.54 billion years, please compile your evidence, submit it to a peer reviewed scientific community, and collect your Nobel prize.

    Otherwise, stop trying to make the facts fit your ancient worldview. Just because you don’t understand it does not make it magic.

    • If you consider that scientists cannot prove the earth is 4.54 billion years old either, it is just a matter faith on both sides. Just because you think you understand it does not make it science. After all, it cannot be observed, that is why it is and will forever remain the theory of evolution.

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