For whatever is born of God conquers the world


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Dear Family of our =
Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you for coming by for a CUP with us! We love you! We today th=
ank you all for your support of FGGAM! Been up since 4:30am posting the new=
s on the web site just for you! 

Ken Widelski, a strong supporter of FGGAM, sent this in…….Our nation is under attack!! We =
need to join in prayer… All Christians!

Amen, Let us pray!

=E2=80=9CIf we find ourselves with a desire =
that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is th=
at we were made for another world.=E2=80=9D — C.S. Lewis “Mere Christianit=

I just found this in my mail box from ove=
rnight…….We have a wildfire in New Mexico near Mayhill, NM, my buddy, F=
ire Information Officer Harvey Twite in Ruidoso, NM sent this:


We sure could use some prayers for firefighte=
rs and families tonight.

The Curtis Fire, human ca=
used, started at 4:50 today 2 acres…now 200 acres.


Incident Commander:  Caleb Finch, USFS
Date and Time Detect=
 4/17/13 – 1528 hours 
Jurisdiction:  Lincoln National Forest and State Land
Location:  2 1/2 miles southwest of Mayhill, NM, near Curtis Canyon Dam, nor=
th of Highway 130
Current Size:  200 acres
Containment:  10%
Resources:  Two Forest Service hotshot crews and three engines, and numerous=
cooperating Otero County Emergency Response resources.
Firefighters have been succe=
ssful in keeping the fire from spreading across Highway 130.  They are=
focusing their efforts on the northern flank.
Fire Behavior:  Some spotting was reported earlier, but cooler temperatures and a=
decrease in winds is helping with the firefighting efforts.
Fuel Type:  Pinon juniper and grass understory and Ponderosa Pine stringers =
in canyon bottoms.
Cause:  Human-caused and is currently under investigation
Otero County Emergen=
cy Management initially requested evacuations of homes in the immediate vic=
inity of the fire  =E2=80=94 Approximately 19 homes were evacuate=
d and pre-notification notices were issued to residents in the immediate ar=
ea. A shelter has been establis=
hed in the Village of Cloudcroft.

Let us pray!

I also have a Drought/Fire related story on our web si=
te at We must repent and pray =
for rain. I am calling all in the state of New Mexico to pray for rain each=
day at NOON.

Now once again today we want to remind tho=
se of you who are missing the afternoon CUP that you need to sign up at&nbs=
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I have posted yesterday’s afternoon CUP. So much work goes into t=
his and with the morning CUP and the newsroom being manned 24/7 we are&nbsp=
;thankful for your prayers. God has called us to do this. Acts 20:24

My life is worth nothing unless I use it f=
or doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.

 Dewey — The=
media is tripping all over themselves to be the first to identify the Bost=
on bomber. Journalism has been pushed aside for the sake of the scoop. Mean=
while, much is happening in our world. Several great saints have gone home =
to be withe the Lord. You will be inspired by their lives.

George Beverly Shea Goes Home

Legendary Gospel music singer George Beverly Shea, whose career spanne=
d much of the 20th century and who long served the Rev. Billy Graham, died =
Tuesday at 104 here after a short illness.

There is much to learn from such a Godly man. 

Read About His Life
Pat Sumerall Dies at Age 82

Veteran sports broadcaster Pat Sumerall died Tuesday at the age of 82 =
of cardiac arrest. Summerall was best known, however, as the play-by-play a=
nnouncer who called some of the most memorable moments in sports always in =
an understated way. But did you know he struggled with alcoholism until he =
came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior?
Read More
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is being laid to rest =
Wednesday with full military honors.

World leaders and dignitaries from 170 countries are attending the fun=
eral at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband =
Prince Philip will be among the mourners.
Thatcher was nicknamed the “Iron Lady” during her 11-year tenure as pr=
ime minister.
She’s known for transforming Britain by privatizing state industries, =
deregulating the economy and causing social upheaval whose impact is still =
Did you know she was a woman of faith?

Read More

Wind speed hits 88=
mph in Albuquerque area with blowing dust.

Here’s More

ND Governor signs Nations toughest Anti-Abortion Law =

North Dakota’s Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed a bill outlawing =
abortions after 20 weeks Tuesday. Its based on research stating that’s the =
point a fetus can feel pain.
Get the News You Need=
to Know

You have heard the phrase “BE CAREFUL”.  In fact, in many ways this ph=
rase “BE CAREFUL” is almost meaningless in our modern society.  We hav=
e heard it so many times that it has become just another trite saying like =
“good bye”, or when a person says “how are you” we expect people to say “fi=
ne” and they usually do.  It doesn’t matter how many problems they hav=
e or how much they are hurting…the answer is still “fine”.

Read More
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Urgent prayer Needs

Let us pray…………..

Please pray for Tita Sanchez, Pastor Paul H=
olt’s Mother-in-law. Tita is in the Socorro, NM Hospital with severe pain, =
has lost 18 pounds. We pray for healing Lord.

 pray for Melanie and her daughter Shianne. They are s=
uch good 
friends of Jo Holt, Pastor Paul’=
s wife. They live in San Antonio, NM. They both have had a fever that spike=
s at 106! P
neumonia and also other possible infections. Shianne is j=
ust 3 1/2 years of age. Lord, we pray =
for healing.

Please pray for Robin White=
of California who has been very sick, the Doctor’s could not find out what=
was wrong. She had her Rental inspected, MOLD! Please pray for healing! Pl=
ease pray for housing for Robin and resources. Lord we pray for healing and=
a place to live for Robin and her finances.

In all this we ask in the n=
ame of Jesus, AMEN! 

I also ask for your prayers, Lord willing we tape two Dewey and =
Friends TV programs this mornin=
g with Pastor Bill Ruhl, who is also Vice 
Chairman of FGGAM and al=
so with New Mexico Watchman Jose Vasquez, who is also a FGGAM Board member.=
Some folks do not realize we have to purchase our TV and Radio time, pleas=
e pray about helping to financially support our media efforts by giving a l=
ove offering at the web site &=
nbsp;or mail to FGGAM PO BOX 65516 Albuquerque, NM 87193. God Bless you and=
yours! Please stand in the gap with us! 

Tonight at 7pm at Valley Vi=
ew Christian Church in Edgewood I will be teaching the Men’s Bible study. W=
e will be sharing about leaving a Godly legacy behind! Please pray over thi=
s and If you can, come by! 

This morning we have an exc=
ellent Devotional by our Dear Friend Darlene Quiring!
1. Faith focuses on God, not on your problems.

A woma=
n told me that she had changed her phone number and left it unlisted becaus=
e she is gripped with fear as she thinks about certain people and what they=
might do to her. As we talked together, I finally said, =C2=93It=C2=92s ti=
me to move from fear to faith. Are you ready to move with me?=C2=94 She smi=
led hesitantly and then said yes. We prayed, claiming God=C2=92s promises o=
f protection. When I saw her the next day she said that she had slept much =
better that night because she wasn=C2=92t focusing on her fears.
Think =
of Abraham. The past argued against his ever having a child. So did the pre=
sent. His only hope lay in the promises of God for the future. As long as he looked back, he would never have faith to beli=
eve God
. His only hope was to step out into the future, trusting that =
somehow, someway God would keep his promises.

2. Faith trusts in God=C2=92s timing, not your own.

So man=
y of our struggles with fear start right here. De=
ep down, we fear that God has somehow made a mistake in his dealings with u=
. Like Abraham, we have waited and waited-sometimes for years on end.=
Even though we may have seen many remarkable answers to prayer, the one th=
ing that means the most to us has not been granted.
As I w=
rite these words I am thinking of certain people I know who pray faithfully=
week after week for their loved ones to be saved. Some of them write notes=
each week asking prayer for an unsaved husband or wife. Week in and week o=
ut the requests come in and the staff prays for them faithfully. One husban=
d has been praying for his wife for many years with no real change in sight=
. Another wife faithfully requests prayer for her husband. Sometimes he see=
ms interested in spiritual things, and then his interest suddenly seems to =
Where =
is God? Why doesn=C2=92t he answer the fervent, heartfelt prayers of his pe=
Of the=
many answers that might be given to that question, one answer must be that=
God=C2=92s timing and ours are often quite different.=
Sometimes it seems like we live in one time zone and God lives in another.

3. Faith grows by believing God in spite of your circumst=

mes our circumstances make it easy to believe in God; other times we have t=
o struggle. As I write these words I have a friend who is entering the fina=
l stages of his battle with cancer. After long and difficult treatments, th=
ere is nothing else the doctors can do. He is one of the finest men I know;=
a man whose gentle spirit endears him to others. No one knows how much tim=
e he has left, but it seems to be a matter of a few days. The last time I t=
alked with him, he spoke about the goodness of God. He added that he and hi=
s wife had had a long and happy life together and they knew that God would =
take care of them. His wife said simply, =C2=93No matter what happens we ar=
e trusting in the Lord.=C2=94 That=C2=92s biblical faith rising above circu=
mstances to lay hold of the eternal promises of God.

4. Faith obeys God one step at a time.

This p=
rinciple is often overlooked by those seeking to do God=C2=92s will. God pr=
omised a child and Abraham desperately wanted to see the fulfillment of tha=
t promise. So what does God tell him to do? Round up the animals for a sacr=
ifice (see Genesis 15:9-11). How do you get from there to the=
nursery? Abraham doesn=C2=92t have a clue and Go=
d doesn=C2=92t tell him a thing
. But Abraham now has a choice. He can =
choose to obey God, round up the animals, and get ready for a sacrifice, ev=
en though it doesn=C2=92t seem to connect with the son of his dreams. Or he=
can argue with God or decide to take matters in his own hands.


How of=
ten we stumble over this. We slight the near in favor of the far, shirking =
the duties of today because we are dreaming about some distant tomorrow. Bu=
t until we have done what God has called us to do today, we will never be p=
repared for what he wants us to do tomorrow.
In the=
end 99 percent of life turns out to be humdrum, ordinary routine. It=C2=92=
s the same old thing day after day. Yet out of th=
e humdrum God is weaving an unseen pattern that will one day lead us in a n=
ew direction
. Faith take the next step- whatever it is-and walking wit=
h God wherever he leads us. Sometimes it will make sense, other times it wo=
n=C2=92t. But we still have to take that step if we are going to do God=C2=
=92s will.

Can God Be Trusted?

hing I=C2=92ve been trying to say comes down to one simple question: Can Go=
d be trusted to do what is right? If the answer is yes, then we can face th=
e worst that life has to offer. If the answer is no, then we=C2=92re no bet=
ter off than the people who have no faith at all. In fact, if the answer is=
no or if we=C2=92re not sure, then we really don=C2=92t have any faith any=

Thank you so much Darlene! God Bless you always!

April 18, 2013.&nbsp=
;Your family and friends agree that you are a kind person, treating others =
with kindness. People have been telling you how kind you are. You have not =
always been kind, but have developed that strength of kindness from the pai=
n and suffering you have known. Judgments of others coming from your mouth =
have devastated some folks. This has broken your heart. Godly sorrow paid y=
ou a visit, giving you opportunity to repent. Some of the judgments you mad=
e came back upon you. So now, you specialize in kindness and mercy. Selah!

James 2:13 (MSG)For if you refuse=
to act kindly, you can hardly expect to be treated kindly. Kind mercy wins=
over harsh judgment every time.”  Ras Robinson

Subscribe to “What the Lord Is Saying Today” &n=
April 18, 2013.&nbsp=
;There is no sea too turbulent, no water too murky, no mountain too high th=
at you cannot overcome. My Spirit is within you, beside you, behind you and=
is leading you through what you are in the midst of and still before you. =
I am saying this because you feel alone. You are not alone. My child, My pr=
ecious one I will not leave you I will be with you, leading every step of t=
he way. You will conquer all obstacles and you will do it with grace and wi=
1 John 5:4-5 (MOFF) “for whatever=
is born of God conquers the world. Our faith, that is the conquest which c=
onquers the world. Who is the world’s conqueror but he who believes that Je=
sus is the Son of God?”  Bev Robinson

For God’s Glory Alone=
in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

us today! 

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