Christian Youths report backlash over gay marriage issue


young Christians are facing hostility and alienationMany young Christians are facing hostility and alienation from their peers after last week’s national focus on gay marriage.

Young evangelicals from several conservative groups voiced their concerns at a panel discussion in Washington, D.C.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy’s Kristin Rudolph said it takes courage to present a traditional view that sounds intolerant.

She said it is discouraging to see millions of people change their Facebook profile pictures to equal signs to show their support for gay marriage.

Heritage Foundation policy analyst Andrew Walker said he and other young evangelicals are becoming “the moral minority” in an “increasingly hostile” culture. But he still encouraged the Church to reclaim its moral authority and told young believers not to hide or conform.

Eric Teetsel, director of the The Manhattan Declaration, told young Christians to resist appeals to embrace social justice issues above their faith.

Teetsel acknowledged poverty and environmental issues are worthy of support. But he cautioned young Christians not to embrace them as a safe substitute for issues that are unpopular with their peers.