Christian author Edith Schaeffer passed away on Resurrection Sunday


schaeffersEvangelical author and co-founder of L’Abri Fellowship, Edith Schaeffer, died Sunday at the age of 98.

Born Nov. 3, 1914, to Christian missionaries in China, she married Francis Schaeffer in 1935. The two moved to Switzerland with their three daughters in 1948 to serve as missionaries.

A prolific author in her own right, her books include “The Tapestry: The Life and Times of Francis and Edith Schaeffer” and “Christianity is Jewish.”

Her son, Frank Schaeffer, memorialized his mother in a letter entitled, “Goodbye Mom, Edith Schafer 1914-2013 RIP.”

“Mom treated everyone she ever met well, spent more time talking to ‘nobodies’ than to the rich and famous, who flocked to her after her books were published and became bestsellers.

“Put it this way: through my experience of being a father (of 3) and grandfather (of 4) I’ve finally been able to test Mom’s life wisdom and spiritual outlook and found out that she was right: Love, Continuity, Beauty, Forgiveness, Art, Life and loving a loving all-forgiving God really are the only things that matter.”

Many will remember Edith Schaeffer for her humanity, humility, and hospitalit