Is the Pope the Antichrist?

The Pope
Pope Francis

There are those who claim that the office of the pope will bring the antichrist. Are they correct? Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope, what is a jesuit and how does that effect the worldview of the pope?

Vatican Pope


  1. You are wrong about the Jesuit, they do not take from the rich to give it to the poor. that’s not what they are saying. you are right about catholics and protestants falling away from the real teachings of God. One thing you have to give credit to the catholic church is that they have not change their teachings of moral values ever. Many catholics don’t even know what the church really teaches. For example, the church do not believe in abortions, birth control, sex before marriage, same sex marriage. She always had these teachings but many catholics dont know them or don’t want to follow them. many protestant churches do accept these and some of them even teach them. Only the catholic church had always hold to these believes. Many protestand also believe that catholics pray to the saints and have Mary above or the same as Jesus and is not like that. Catholics ask the saints and Mary for their intersesion. just like we ask any brother or sister to pray for us here on earth, we ask Mary who is close to Jesus and the saints to pray for us. Many people are so whrong about the teachings of the catholic church and they don’t wnat to see what the church is all about. You at least understand that the pope is not and evil person who is the anticrist like many people think. God bless you and I invite you to read more about what the catholic church really teaches and not what they people wrongly thinks she teaches.

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