There is no power but of God


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Dear Family of our =
Lord Jesus Christ,

Welcome to this day=
! God Bless you all! 

God’s throne is established on His authority. God’s authorit=
y represents God Himself. God alone is authority in all things; all the&nbs=
authorities of the earth are instituted by God. It is therefore i=
mportant for us who desire to serve God to know the authority of God.

God’s autho=
rity is absolute, hence we must give Him absolute submission, our hearts at=
titude, and absolute obedience,  our outward actions. But to His&=

delegated authorities=
we can render absolute submission , but only relative obedience. For their&=
authorities are circumscribed by the measure of the =
life of Christ in them. Only when they themselves 
submit to God’s authority in them are they able to represent G=
od. hence there is much we have to learn about how to represent God.


The  words of Watchman Nee in his book, Spiritual=

One more from Watchman Nee………..he says,=
“Please take note that satan is not afraid of our preaching the Word of Ch=
rist, yet how very much he is in fear of our being subject to the authority=
of Christ.” 

You look at the news of the day………the m=
is-steps of man as he walks this 
earth  =
does not 
submit himself t=
o God in all things. God did not make life complicated, He made life simple=
, His way is simple, the instruction book is the Bible.
You may say, “Dewey your crazy, God did not make life =
simple.” Oh yes He did, it’s our own free will that get’s us in trouble, we=
control it at times, we need =
to be in the Will of God, under His authority.

We all walk a line everyday, we make choices everyday, simple choi=
ces and sometimes tough choices, when you make a choice make sure it’s God’=
s choice for you. Make sure you are under God’s authority in all things in =

That is rea=
lly a basic 
understanding I share in the =
counseling I do and the other simple basic point is STOP THE SINNING! I&nbs=
of course share that in love!=

Some may call me just a simple man…….but God =
made life simple and so AWESOME, so BEAUTIFUL! We are the ones that have co=
mplicated it. 

So a good question to ask ourselves each day, are=
we under God’s authority in everything we are doing this day? 

Picture someone looking at your life through a mi=
croscope……..seeing every detail of your life……..

Our loving Fathe=
r sees everything…..every need you have……every hurt you have………=
.call out to Him right now and listen for the answer! AMEN! 
“Contentment is the outward ex=
pression of an inward glory. Choosing not to worry is actually an act of wo=
rship. We cast all our burdens onto Him because we trust His great heart to=
ward us.”
 Graham Cooke

Worry does n=
ot empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength. Corrie T=
en Boom
We wanted to=
share a “SHOUT OUT” as David Standridge calls them…………..
I wanted to shout out my friend&nbsp=
Dewey Moede and For God’s Glory Alone Ministries. I’ve known Dewe=
y Moede for years. He has a passion to help people when they are hurting an=
d at their lowest point. He does a TV show on KAZQ and a radio pr
ogram on KDAZ. If you are searching or in need of prayer, =
Dewey Moede will lift you up, inspire you and be there for you. He has done=
that with me. Thanks Dewey Moede for what you do! Find out more by visitin=

Kind words ar=
e like honey—–sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24=

We have many =
PRAISE REPORTS this day! I pray that you are inspired in our Lord as you re=

I just received an amazing phon=
e call from a Grandma. I love Grandma’s. The Lord told me to be on the watc=
h this morning for a message. This was it. This 72 year old Grandma saw me =
and Pastor
Leonard R Navarre on www.= last night on Leonar=
d’s program at 8pm. She stated that she had been wanting to call a Pastor f=
or help. She had not made that call until last night she said the Holy Spir=
it came over her as I was speaking and God told her to call me, she wept. W=
e just talked. We prayed and talked. We talked about the death of her two c=
hildren and other family members. She wants me to visit with her daughter. =
She wants to come to Crestview Baptist Church Pastor 
Steve M Freeman‘s Church on Sunday where I am going to Preach. I want to stress all thi=
s is a blessing from God, this one person being reached through Christian T=
V on a program paid for out of Pastor Leonard’s own pocket. I pray today th=
at you will sow seed’s for God in Christian TV Ministries, Christian Radio =
Ministries and programs like Pastor Leonard’s! For God’s Glory Alone! AMEN!=

Just received a report on my Dear friend George who was traveling =
home from Arizona yesterday pulling a trailer with his truck and all of a s=
udden the truck and trailer flip over! Looks like truck and trailer totaled=
, but George walked away with just a bruised shoulder!! PRAISE GOD! GOD has=
such a plan for George! I pray we have more of a report on this miracle of=
God in the CUP in the morning! PRAISE GOD! It is right to give thanks and =
Praise to our LORD! AMEN!

For a further=
word on this miracle here is Wanell  Pate…………

Dear Brother Dewey,

As I read the cup today=
I had to write to you and also express the Goodness of Our God.  Yest=
erday my son-in-law George Greene was returning home to Albuquerque from Ph=
oenix when something happened and his pick up and trailer rolled over near =
Holbrook.  George walked away from that roll over with not even a scra=
tch – why?  Because of the Goodness of Our God!! The Lord was with him=
and all around him, even the ER doctor exclaimed “I don’t know how you wal=
ked away from this accident.”  Brother Dewey we know how George walked=
away from that accident.  God is good!! God is merciful!!  God i=
s kind!! God is AWESOME!! I thank our most gracious and loving father for p=
rotecting George from harm.  People need to know how wonderful our sav=
ior is.  He loves us and provides all that we need according to His ri=
ches in glory.
AMEN Sister! 

Bobby’s surgery to amputate his leg was &nb=
sp;postponed yesterday. We continue to pray for healing! AMEN!
Kathy Garcia reports that her granddaughter,=
Rissy had 

Full ACL reconstruction and fixed 2 meniscus t=
erday in surgery. Kathy says Rissy is in much pain but 
resting well, let us pray for healing! 

God answers prayer =
I posted a prayer need for an office for counseling
 here at FGGAM and God answered=
our prayer before Noon thanks to Barbara Gould !!!! Thanks be to God!!! Am=

Our counseling load is increasing here at=
FGGAM and we thank the Lord for Barbara’s help.


In remembrance of my dad and to thank =
you for your prayers … 
Dad =E2=80=93Thank you for teaching by=
your life God=E2=80=99s Purpose in Life :
To live our life right pleasing Go=
d in how we treat each other  … to the point of surrendering our nee=
ds for our love of people, which comes from our heart of Gods=E2=80=99 Love=
My dad … Consistent and a constant i=
n my whole life & maybe one day I will share some of all I have learned=
in the last 5 days, but for Today, KNOW Jesus as your Personal Savior and =
Make Him the Lord over your life!
No words can quickly describe all that=
the LORD has done, but know you are special and as individual as a snowfla=
ke and KNOW that God is capable of doing great things for all as we each ha=
ve our own need.
When you pray, make sure you are prayi=
ng to God as your Father and not just your Creator!  Only in Jesus can=
we call God our Father.  So when you pray, pray to the Father and Pra=
ise HIS holy Name and acknowledge HIM for whom HE IS!  Thank Jesus eve=
ry day for giving us all we need!
I love you dad and am looking forward =
to that day when we all meet up together in the sky to the great Forevermor=
Blessings of Grace and Peace be with y=
We are praying for you and=

Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes!  =
Last year when Steve and I were on our 25th anniversary trip, we spent the =
day with a group of people on a tour.  One couple was there on their h=
oneymoon and everyone congratulated them.  When they found out that we=
were celebrating 25 years of marriage, everyone commented that  peopl=
e get married every day but not many people STAY married.  In a time w=
here divorce is so prominent and seems to be the easy way out, I think it s=
o important to celebrate all of  those who have chosen to make marriag=
e a commitment.  Many blessings to you and Sharon today!

Sandy Harrington

AMEN! and AMEN! It is right to give PRAISE and THANK=
S to our LORD! AMEN! 

For God’s Glory Alone in the Love of our Lord Jesus =
Christ, Dewey Sharon and Family

us today! 

If you would like to support the muc=
h needed
 work of For God’s Glory Alone Ministr=
 Dewey Moede, and De=
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Thank you,

Dewey Moede

If you have friends or family you think =
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