Major Birthday Party for Billy Graham’s 95th! PRAISE GOD!


Let us give thanks to God for the life of Billy Graham. Let us pray  for more men and women like Billy Graham. I first met Billy through his radio program in 1979 at KGCX Radio in Sidney, Montana as I would play his program on my Sunday air-shift, reel to reel tape in those days, “The Hour of Decision” that still airs on many radio stations to this day. Just like many of you, I have learned so much from this man. A major celebration is planned next month for the 95th birthday of the Rev. Billy Graham.

Graham’s son Franklin said Tuesday that between 600 and 700 people have been invited to the Nov. 7, party in Asheville, N.C. The Rev. Franklin Graham says among the invitees are President Bill Clinton, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and real estate mogul Donald Trump. The elder Graham will attend, but won’t give a speech.

Known as “America’s pastor,” Billy Graham rarely leaves his home in Montreat, outside of Asheville. Franklin says his father has round-the-clock care, but still thinks and speaks very clearly. On the 95th birthday, the ministry is releasing a new video of Graham from his home as part of a nationwide religious outreach called “My Hope.” For God’s Glory Alone! Let us pray for Billy Graham. Thank you Lord for the life of this Sbilly graham 5aint who still marches on this day! Thank YOU LORD!

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