Small Business Relief Legislation Unanimously Clears Senate Committee


SANTA FE – Thursday, legislation to provide tax payment relief to New Mexico businesses cleared the Senate Tax, Business, and Transportation Committee with unanimous, bipartisan support. Senate Bill 25 (SB 25), sponsored by Senator Cliff Pirtle (District 32-Chaves, Eddy, and Otero), proposes a temporary waiving of penalties and interest on unpaid gross receipts tax, local option gross receipts tax, or compensating tax liabilities that became due on the effective date of the first COVID-19 public health order (March 13, 2020). The waiver would end two months after the public health order is rescinded or expires.

“Our local businesses are the backbone of our economy and I appreciate the bipartisan support for this bill,” said Senator Pirtle. “New Mexico business owners were forced to close through no fault of their own, and as they reopen, this reasonable step will keep them from being further penalized by the state.”

All underlying taxes would have to be paid in full on or before the 25th day of the third month following the expiration or rescission of the public health order. SB 25 will now advance to the Senate Finance Committee.


Republican Leadership Office

New Mexico State Senate

From the New Mexico Watchman, Our Dear Brother in Christ Jose Vasquez
Dear Friends,
Today Friday, January 29, 2021, HB 47 Assisted Suicide will be heard in the House Health and Human Services Committee. It is the first of two committee before going to the House floor for a vote of the full Chamber. To comment on the bill prior to the hearing please call the committee members.
Also today Friday, January 29, 2021, HB 7 Repeal Abortion Ban will be heard House Judiciary Committee.
House Bill 47 Assisted Suicide Zoom Link:
Current Location
First Committee        ˃     Second Committee   ˃  HOUSE FLOOR|
Health & Human Services
Friday, January 29
8:30 a.m.
House Health & Human Services
Rep. Deborah A. Armstrong     (505) 986-4344
Rep Joanne J. Ferrary               (505) 986-4226 (505) 986-4438 and (575) 649-1231
Rep Brittney Barreras               (505) 986-4248 and (505) 800-9404
Rep Karen C. Bash                  (505) 986-4236 and(505) 238-2117
Rep Marian Matthews             (505) 986-4242
Rep Roger E. Montoya             (505) 986-4464
Rep Phelps Anderson              (505) 986-4226
Rep Gail Armstrong                (505) 986-4227
Rep Stefani Lord                     (505) 986-4453
Rep Luis M. Terrazas              (505) 986-4336
House Bill 7 Repeal Abortion Ban Zoom Link:
Current Location
First Committee        ˃        Second Committee    ˃  HOUSE FLOOR
House Judiciary Committee
Tomorrow, January 29
1:30 p.m.
House Judiciary Committee Members
Gail Chasey (505)986-4411
 Micaela Lara Cadena (505)986-4210
Eliseo Lee Alcon  (505)986-4416
Deborah A Armstrong (505)986-4344
Zachary J. Cook (505)986-4221
Brian Egolf (505)986-4782
Damon Ely (505)986-4243
Georgene Louis (505)986-4329
Matthew McQueen (505)986-4423
Greg Nibert (505)986-4211
William “Bill” R Rehm (505)986-4214
James G Townsend (505)986-4757
New Mexico Watchman

Abby Johnson Says It’s Up to Us to Stop Abortions, Not The President

I love Abby Johnson….a couple of years ago when I was driving to up near Las Vegas, New Mexico to officiate at a wedding and I heard Abbey interviewed on Focus on the Family. The statement that she made that sticks with me to this day was, “It was not the hate that got me over to the Pro-Life movement, it was the love that was shown by the people at the Pro-Life clinic.” I LOVE HER PASSION FOR GOD’S BABIES! Abby is a former Planned Parenthood clinic manager, she’s founded the ministry And Then There Were None

As we see the state of affairs in America, hate is hell. Our country is being destroyed by hate.

From Focus on the Family:

Abby Johnson Shares How It’s Up to Us to Stop Abortions, Not the President

Read here as to what is happening in Poland:

Poland Abortion Ban

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