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Dear FGGAM Friends, please be in prayer for Glenn Snelgrove as he undergoes shoulder surgery on Friday. Please pray for wisdom for the surgeon, nurses and other members of the medical team. We pray for peace, strength and a speedy recovery for Brother Glenn. We also pray for peace for Kelly and the kids. We pray all this in the mighty and loving name of Jesus, Amen! We so much treasure Glenn and Kelly, they are such faithful and loving friends. We love them very much

Below you will find a post I wrote in February of this year……..

Sharon and I so much treasure Godly friendships!

In our friendships we have to be wise that we choose godly people to be our friends. Somebody might say, well does that mean that you should never have a lost person as your friend? No, I wouldn’t say that. But you can’t have the same intimacy with a lost person that you can with a godly person in whom the Holy Spirit is living. Charles Stanley

I love that quote on Godly friendships by my hero Charles Stanley. Yesterday I was so very blessed to have breakfast with Glenn and Kelly Snelgrove in Edgewood, NM. I love the picture above, it shows the love Glenn and Kelly have for each other and all people! These two are high school sweethearts. I do not take time out enough to just go meet with friends! Sharon could not come with me as she is recovering from a very hard week in nursing! She is also my hero!

Glenn and Kelly have been friends of ours for several years now. I got to know Kelly through Pastor Leonard Navarre who at the time was at Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood. I eventually got to meet Glenn when we needed help with our heating/cooling system. Glenn has given us the best service ever! We trust him so very much! I asked Kelly to write for FGGAM in 2013 after God showed me to do so. Kelly prayed and she started to write for us in December of 2013. “The Word of The Day With Kelly.” The pictures that she uses with the scripture God shows her to use is just so very awesome in our Lord! Kelly’s posts warm hearts for Jesus.

What I realized during breakfast yesterday was that I need to do more visits with my dear friends! Glenn and Kelly are such an awesome testimony for us all on what God teaches us about love.

God’s love note to us comes from 1 John 4:7-11:

“Dear friends, let’s love each other, because love is from God, and everyone who loves is born from God and knows God. The person who doesn’t love does not know God, because God is love. This is how the love of God is revealed to us: God has sent his only Son into the world so that we can live through him. This is love: it is not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son as the sacrifice that deals with our sins. Dear friends, if God loved us this way, we also ought to love each other.”

I am able to have very down to earth conversations with Glenn and Kelly, I am able to ask them advice, and I know that before they speak, they are praying about the answer they are to give me.

Sharon and I trust both Glenn and Kelly so very much, they witness to us by what they do. They are tremendous people of God who serve the Edgewood area and beyond in many ways.

The intimacy and trust in our friendship is priceless.

Sharon and I are so very blessed to have many such relationships! I pray that we get to visit with our friends more and have a cup of coffee with PANCAKES AND BACON!!! LOL! I should say with lots of COFFEE!!!

Thank you Lord for showing us how precious relationships can be!!!!

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