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Today on News and Views we discuss many different topics. When we went on the air, we just had heard that Annette Garcia President of Son Broadcasting here in New Mexico had shared that she has pancreatic cancer. Please join us here at The HUB of NM and FGGAM in praying for Annette’s complete healing, in Jesus name we pray, Amen! Also listen to Laura’s very emotional “Donkey Story” and Dewey’s “Hat” story! Please now listen to our podcast!

Dear FGGAM and The HUB of NM Family, I was shocked when I saw this posted on Facebook this morning that Annette Garcia has pancreatic cancer. I am so very sadden by this news, heart broken, but God has given Annette peace and she and her family, friends and staff at Son Broadcasting  are standing on YHVH’s Word for complete healing. I asked Annette if I could ask the FGGAM family to gather and pray for her healing………Here is her Facebook post:

Dear Friends and family,

Thank you to those who have been praying for my health and healing during the last five weeks. In February I was admitted to the hospital because of a blocked bile duct and through this process pancreatic cancer was exposed. From the very start, God has given me peace, great favor and has shown me His faithfulness and love. His peace has overwhelmed me, our family and staff and we are standing on YHVH’s Word for complete healing.

Please continue to pray for me as I start treatment, and pray for continued peace for the entire family, including my sister, Vickie, who recently lost her husband Anthony. From time to time Berna and Linda will send scriptures and prayers we are standing on. I’m very grateful to them for putting prayer and scriptures together. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for the outpouring of love and prayers we have received.

My confidence and hope is on God’s Word. Thank you!!!
With complete trust in Him,

Ps: Berna and Linda are asking people to pray for the next 40 days. If you want to participate email Bernadette Martinez ( or
Linda cob (

Thank you for sharing Dear Sister Annette, we are in the war room in constant prayer for your healing, we are praying for you hubby Jim and kids and the whole family and the staff at Son Broadcasting, in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Church programsThe Albuquerque Journal and writer Colleen Heild do a great job in today’s front page article on the Abortion problem in New Mexico: New Mexico is a Wild West haven for abortions. More and more women from other states come to New Mexico for abortions. ABQ JOURNAL STORY HERE

Also read this: Is NM Lt. Gov. Sanchez Just another Susana?

Also this from Pastor Dewey Moede:

A few years ago after preaching at a church in Albuquerque, I had a man come up to me afterwards and says, “I liked your message, but I why did you preach so much on abortion, I don’t know if this is the place to do that.”

I just kind’a shook my head and said, “This is the place friend, that the message needs to be heard”

If not the Church, who? where?

That of course did not stop me, in fact it probably has intensified my preaching for the sanctity of life!

I like to say as the pulpit goes, the country goes…..and look what we got!

Killing baby after baby…….

Laura Rosecrans of The HUB of New Mexico forwarded me this excellent post from Care Net:

A great axiom of ministry is, “as the pulpit goes, so goes the church.” The preaching of God’s Word in a church dictates how the people view the Scriptures, and it’s teaching. More specifically, what is emphasized from the pulpit is often most embraced and embodied by God’s people. I’ve seen this dynamic play out over and over again. This realization is a heavy weight for any pastor to bear, deciding what to preach on, and what not to.

More Here

Annette GarciaPictured here is Annette Garcia

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