More Abortions In New Mexico?


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new mexico flag Texas abortion law could send women across borders to New Mexico.

EL PASO, Texas – A sweeping Texas anti-abortion law that would ban the procedure at 18 clinics statewide is putting attention on one facility in New Mexico.

A federal judge  will hear closing arguments today

in a trial that could leave just seven abortion facilities in Texas after Sept. 1. Among the clinics that wouldn’t meet new operating standards is the only abortion provider in El Paso.

If the law takes effect, El Paso women would face a 550-mile trip to the nearest place in Texas to legally terminate a pregnancy. But attorneys for the state have argued in Austin that there’s a nearby clinic in New Mexico they could use.

Texas Republicans say the new restrictions are necessary to protect women’s health. Opponents say the law is an effort to curb abortions. Thanks to Governor Martinez and the New Mexico Legislature, who fail to stop abortion,  New Mexico continues to kill babies. Governor Martinez even failed to support an anti-abortion law in Albuquerque .

A cloud of death is over New Mexico.

We pray for New Mexico to repent and come to Jesus Christ for forgiveness for murdering His babies.

In the race for Governor in New Mexico, nobody running has drawn a tough line on abortion. Republican Governor Martinez has failed and Attorney General Gary King, on the Democratic side, is pro-abortion.

Join us here at FGGAM and pray for Godly leaders to come forward here in the state of New Mexico. It makes me physically ill that New Mexico keeps murdering babies.

Who is going to stand in the gap for God in New Mexico to stop abortion? We need action, not just words………..

We can only pray for people of action, like Texas Governor Rick Perry and members of the Texas Legislature, to be raised up here in New Mexico, true  leaders!!!

Here is a true leader: Rick Perry on Abortion


Frank Haley of KKIM Radio News in Albuquerque contributed to this report.


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