heavy intensity rain
humidity: 93%
wind: 5mph S
H 63 • L 53



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The American Minute: Confederate Flag, Democrat Donkey & Islamic Crescent

Calls to ban the Confederate Flag due to its association with slavery may lead to calls to ban the Donkey symbol of the Democrat Party and the Islamic Crescent, as those institutions had also been involved in the enslavement of Africans.Prior to the Civil War there were two major political parties in the United States: […]

  • MovePowerGod

    PODCAST: From My Heart, Secret of Greatness

    Good Morning! What a beautiful Sunday to be able to share with you! The Word of God is…..a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, Hebrews 4:12. Today I want to share with you Dr. Howard A. Kelly’s  secret of greatness! Dr. Kelly was a pioneer in the field of gynecology and radium […]

  • dewey lars

    PODCAST: From My Heart, What Then Shall I Do With Jesus Who is Called Christ?

    In Matthew 27:22 Pilate says, “What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?” What are you and I going to do? Spiritual Revival = Social Change! The Second Great Awakening had a huge impact on American society! During Revivals in Boston, fifty thousand people put their faith in Jesus Christ in a single […]

  • Reserve Baptist Church


    I am so super blessed and excited to share with you that I will be holding a Revival for Jesus, sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, on August 14th, 15th and 16th. The Revival will be at the Reserve, NM Baptist Church! The dates were set yesterday by the folks at the Church and […]

  • Moving Forward, with Change

    Moving Forward, With Change

      Are you the type of person who loves and endorses change? Or, the kind that is not so comfortable with it? Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of change. I usually do embrace new ideas eventually; but, I generally do not prefer them or seek them out on my own. Even at restaurants, I […]

  • David Maddox with wife

    My Journey With Cancer, Part 11

    My Journey With Cancer, Part 11 By David Maddox   Today is one of those “golden” praise the Lord days where I feel good – have an appetite – am able to get out and walk and minister – and am generally thankful to simply be alive.  Although I am still weak – today is […]

  • Bud picture for July

    What Would You Do If You Only Had 24 Hours to Save a Life?

    What would you do if you only had 24 hours to save a life? In May, we faced that challenge head on… Read our latest newsletter here: Also, we have a special prayer request regarding our family potentially adopting several children. Details to come, in the meantime please pray for open doors regarding the […]

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