So many things to pray for. The disaster in Texas, the flooding in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Ruidoso Experiences Continued Burn Scar-Related Flash Flooding Following Recent Wildfires. The  horrific damage that has taken place in the Midwest because of historic flooding, we must pray over all these situations. When you look at ther world, we could be praying all day, and we should for all the tragedies that are ongoing. From war to famine……….Lord have mercy! God shows his mercy for those who are suffering through healing, comfort, the alleviation of suffering and caring about those in distress. He acts from compassion and acts with mercy. In Matthew 17:15, a man approaches Jesus and kneels before Him saying, “Lord, have mercy on my son. …

Photo From Forbes. A Whataburger sign. HULTON ARCHIVE

Would would it ever thought this! WOW! It is so wonderful to see a company like Whataburger helping the people of Texas in a way that the government and the utility company fails to do. It is like the flood back home in Windom, Minnesota, the governor failed to call out the National Guard to Windom to provide sandbags and sandbagging. The people prevailed by doing it all themselves! The young people of Windom came out in great numbers! Experts warn of mold growth as flooding plagues Minnesota homes.

Whataburger has come to the aide of Texans! The heart of true Americans!

Forbes Reports

Arianna Johnson

The app provides real-time updates on location closures, using a gray Whataburger logo to indicate which stores are closed, so customers are watching the app to know which areas of the state have restored power.

Social media users complained about the lack of a power outage map from Houston-based CenterPoint Energy, which caused them to turn to the Whataburger app for power outage updates. Here’s Why Texans Are Using The Whataburger App To Track Power Outages

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