Pastor Bill Ruhl, Vice Chairman of FGGAM

“Out of Control” Prayer by Pastor Bill Ruhl

Lord Jesus, we lift up those who have been so severely impacted by this “Out of Control” raging inferno of fires that has ignited across southwest New Mexico over the past few days.  You Who controls the wind and the rain, unleash a deluge from the heavens over this area and extinguish the flames of destruction down to the last ember!

We call forth your hedge of protection over all the different agencies involved in not only fighting this fire, but also those putting themselves in harm’s way to assist the thousands of residents as they evacuate the area.  Prayers of blessing over those businesses and residents from the surrounding communities who have opened their doors to house all who have been forced to flee and provided refuge for livestock, and pets as well.

Lord, open up access to every asset available for the rebuilding process that is to follow this tragedy.  Let there be no delay and streamline the process to obtain all the necessary resources to restore all that has been lost.  Comfort those who are hurting after experiencing the loss of not only their homes, businesses, and belongings, but especially those who may have suffered injury or loss of life.

We pray earnestly that Your perfect peace, Jesus, would guard the hearts and minds of Your people during this difficult time.  Amen!

– Pastor Bill Ruhl of Global Destiny and Vice Chair of FGGAM

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