Judge won’t dismiss Missouri lawsuit accusing Planned Parenthood of transporting girls out of state for abortions. SHAME! Abortions in New Mexico have surged by over 250% since 2022. 14,000 Texans came to NM for an abortion in 2023

Pastor Dewey Moede: Many Churches here 'play Church.' They do not mention abortion in Church! They do not preach against the murder of God's babies! All Churches should be in mourning in allowing the killing of God's babies. The bells should toll for ever baby killed here. I preach and write for God, not man. I am moved by the Holy Spirit to preach and write for God. I am here to comfort the inflicted and inflict the comfortable. The majority of Christians in America have become way t comfortable in the pew.

Photo From The Christian Post. The exterior of a Planned Parenthood clinic is seen on May 28, 2019, in St Louis, Missouri. | Getty Images/Michael B. Thomas

The Christian Post

By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor

A Missouri judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Andrew Bailey, which accuses Planned Parenthood of unlawfully transporting girls out of state for abortions, will proceed. The decision came after a request for dismissal by the defendant was denied.

The suit claims that Planned Parenthood Great Plains staff, located in the Kansas City area, were covertly recorded by a Project Veritas affiliate discussing ways to get an abortion for a fabricated 13-year-old girl without parental knowledge.

Despite arguments from Planned Parenthood’s attorney, John Andrew Hirth, asserting the absence of any illegal activities or completed abortions, Boone County Judge Brouck Jacobs deemed the allegations substantial enough to warrant further examination, the Missouri Independent reported. The Christian Post has More Here

SHAME! Abortions in New Mexico have surged by over 250% since 2022. 14,000 Texans came to NM for an abortion in 2023

The Church is losing its influence in New Mexico and all over America everyday! I was never put here to sell ice cream! My hero is Paul, and they cut his head off! Too many Pastor’s do not want to upset the ‘apple cart’ as we said back in the day. Then again I am an old guy, what do I know. George Barna: “People have become more selfish, churches have become less influential, pastors have become less Bible-centric”

I try to do everything in the love of Jesus, Its like raising kids, you have to be stern in the love of JESUS and you have to discipline in the love of JESUS.

I love all people. I pray the ‘high school pep rallies’ end and the Church in America becomes very effective.

The American Church needs to strop preaching hate to other people and look themselves in the mirror! Stop the politics and seek JESUS! Too many Pastors support evil politicians! People see that and then get turned off on the Church. Pastors need to realize the Church is to be of GOD and not their Kingdom!

Pastors need to fulfill the Great Commission! Baptize and help grow up mature Christians! Why Churches Talk the Great Commission But Don’t Do It

Do you have children in your Church? Do you have children’s Sunday School? Do you have baptisims at your Church on a regular basis? If not, why not? I know many Churches that have not had a baptism in years! AWFUL!

If anyone thinks that the two running for President and worthy of holding that office they are being very foolish! We are in deep trouble no matter who wins !

46% Of U.S. Adults Now Unchurched

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