Are Hezbollah and Israel on the brink of all-out war?

Dr. Jim Denison: A former IDF spokesman called Hezbollah “the crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror,” adding that it is “by far the most powerful Iranian proxy equipped with nation-state capabilities and with more firepower than several European militaries have today.” He notes that the group “is far more powerful than Hamas across the board in every military metric.”


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Dr. Jim Denison

Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy that controls Lebanon, has attacked northern Israel nearly every day since October 8, when it joined the war in support of Hamas. It has fired more than five thousand rockets, anti-tank missiles, and suicide drones at Israeli border communities. More than twenty people have been killed, more than 150,000 people have been forced from their homes along the border, and damage has been widespread.

The terrorist group ramped up its attacks last week to their most intense level since the war began, then resumed them again Tuesday afternoon. In response, the IDF’s Northern Command announced that it approved operational plans for a war against Hezbollah. For his part, Hezbollah secretary-general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel in a televised address, “There will be no place safe from our missiles and our drones” in the event of a broader war.

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