Many Churches in America have forgotten to build bridges to folks who do not know JESUS! Too many love preaching to the choir! WAKE UP CHURCH! IT IS CALLED THE GREAT COMMISSION!
FGGAM Photo from Denver camp for the homeless in the summer of 2023. Pastor Dewey, Gretchen and Lars share the love of Jesus with food and treats to all.
FGGAM Photo of Sharon sharing the love of Jesus in rural Montana. FGGAM is a Great Commission Ministry.

America is just about on its its death bed. Almost spiritually dead. Even the Church has lost its influence. I am in mourning. From George Barna: Just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview and just 37% of Pastors Have a Biblcial Worldview. 46% Of U.S. Adults Now Unchurched

While mourning can be painful, I believe that it can help align one’s heart with God’s. Bible verses such as Matthew 5:4, which says “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted,” and Psalm 147:3, which says “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds,” are sometimes used to comfort those who are grieving.

I was in mourning all day yesterday, but really I have been morning for years on the downfall of my country and Christianity. I first raised the issue when I was manager of KKIM Christian radio. God showed me to form ‘New Mexico News and Views’ at that time. That goes back just about 20 years ago now. We addressed issues that were evil and still are. During this same time it was prophesied over me at a Time to Revive Revival in Asheville, N.C. that I was to be a  ‘Watchman on the Wall’ for the Lord and all people.

We did live broadcasts from Ashville on KKIM. The purpose was to make people aware that Revival was needed all over America. We also did a live broadcast from the New Mexico Capital when Kyle Martin came to Santa Fe to hold a Revival at a very critical time in New Mexico history. It was a time when same-sex marriage was being debated in the state. We held a press conference live with about 12 Pastors speaking along with Kyle. The media was there. Excellent coverage for our LORD! I would encourage you to invite Kyle to your Church! He is based in Texas and travels the world for JESUS! GLORY! I was at one time on his Board of Directors ands helped him get into radio programming! Glory! Contact him through is website which I have posted above. Kyle is a young Billy Graham!!!!

What I mourn is…….I feel we all have failed. We have failed to have a greater influence on America for God. We live in a state that kills’ babies. It just gets more evil here despite what I call ‘pep rallies.’ Most of New Mexicans are fools, they think they can be blessed, but yet, allow the killing of God’s babies. Most Pastors are silent on this issue, shame. There is not change in behavior here, no repentance. As George Barna research tells us the Church has lost its influence. George Barna: “People have become more selfish, churches have become less influential, pastors have become less Bible-centric”  You see it, don’t you? I see it and live it and report on it. I mourn.

The Lord told me and Sharon when God had us establish FGGAM, to shine the light of Jesus Christ to one person at a time. It is hard now, but we will continue in full force.

I continue to warn that we are in a Civil War in America. it is going to get worse with more violence. Is America heading inevitably toward breaking apart?

The greatest failure of the American Church is not carrying out The Great Commission!! Lack of baptisims and raising up mature Christians. The late Pastor Don Kimbro issued that warning years ago here at FGGAM. We continue the warning! Maybe all the Christians that spend so much time on Facebook, need to get to work and hot the streets! By the way, where do these people find the time to post to Facebook all day long????? Do they not know they are preaching to the choir??????? My goodness! Hit the streets in your community! FGGAM a ‘on the street, on ministry.’

Go out and carry out The Great Commission! Get to work! Souls are at stake! George Barna: “Millennials and Gen Z have largely dismissed Christianity as an irrelevant faith”

Please do not be a lazy Christian! You and I are commanded to carry out The Great Commission! It is a command, not a suggestion by our LORD! Are you lazy? Why Churches Talk Great Commission But Don’t Do It

We need more Pastors to be humble servants


Jesse T. Jackson

Following the conviction of former U.S. President Donald Trump Thursday, May 30, Harvest Christian Fellowship Pastor Greg Laurie asked his followers to pray for America and warned that the “signs of the times” are telling the world that “Jesus is coming back.”

Trump, who is one of the leading candidates in this year’s presidential election, was found guilty of 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records. The records involved him paying off porn star Stormy Daniels in an attempt to keep her quiet regarding their sexual encounter so it would not influence voters in the 2016 presidential election. The Rest of The Story Here

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