What do you think folks? I will say this, every time I see this organization in the news I cringe: “Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

A high school football coach has been relieved of his duties weeks after holding a baptism service for players on school grounds.

This report is from ChurchLeaders:

Dale Chamberlain

Kristen Waters, who is superintendent of Tattnall County Board of Education in Georgia, said in a statement that Tattnall County High School head football coach Isaac Ferrell was terminated following an incident that occurred after a game on Nov. 3.

A video posted to the football team’s official Facebook page on Oct. 24 shows student athletes being baptized by Pastor Gary Few of Rehoboth Missionary Baptist Church in Claxton, Georgia, in a makeshift baptistry. More Here


  1. The wisdom of the coach’s timing and so forth is not something I’m not in a position to know or comment about; however, I would never refer to the changing of 20 persons lives for Christ through baptism as an “incident!” I would also never refer to Christian baptism in an evil, ungodly and sexual manner by calling it “grooming” – as one or more of the FB commenters reportedly said. That’s enough to make me sick. It’s not as if the coach was doing anything that would harm the athletes’ lives; on the contrary. Regardless of what the school system decides, the fact remains that 20 lives have been baptized! How many baptisms did you and I oversee last week?

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