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I was sicken yesterday watching many fools on TV reporting on abortion and Gods babies. So very ungodly, thinking in their own mind they are God. Can you even imagine people cheering as laws are passed in America that kill God’s babies. Babies are God’s! Not ours! We are to be the caretakers of God’s children.

I am have been told by many that I preach basic Christianity. That is what God has told me to do, in trying to communicate with an unbelieving America. The Church is losing here in many ways. It is not connecting with the majority of the  people. Only 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. What is real shameful, just 37% of Pastors in America have a Biblical Worldview. YES! I say that a lot, because that is a major reason America has fallen away into hell.  In May 2023, 31% of U.S. adults said they attended church in the past seven days, remaining below the 34% measured before the pandemic and the 40% measured in most years before 2013. In all me years I have never seen such an ineffective Church, as I do now here in 2023. Many are fools here, they think they can put themselves above God. Proverbs 10:14 states, “The mouth of a fool brings ruin near.” This contrasts the speech of the fool with the knowledge of the wise. A fool does not care about learning. He’s too busy talking. What is a fool according to the book of Proverbs?  They can kill God’s babies and everything is good. My Oh My! How evil! What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God. Man is not to rule over God. Abortion is murder. But many here in America do not beleive in the God of the Bible, they have created their own God.

God will have the final say on all of us. I wonder what He will say to Pastors and others that stood silent as babies are killed. What are you doing about this?  Got Questions states: The Bible warns us of Judgment Day. Malachi the prophet wrote, “‘Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘Not a root or a branch will be left to them’” (Malachi 4:1). John the Baptist spoke of the need to “flee from the coming wrath” (Luke 3:7). Paul wrote to the unrepentant: “Because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed. God ‘will repay each person according to what they have done’” (Romans 2:5–6; cf. Psalm 62:12). Judgment Day is a sure thing.

I am sick about all the evil that is getting thicker here. I am sick and tired of all the people here trying to put themselves above God. Sharon and I were talking last night how we are so very concerned for our children and grandchildren, in how America will look like in 5 years. The evil gets thicker.

The GOP is really going to do more backpaddling now…..

More from Dr. Jim Denison: Voters supported abortion in yesterday’s elections: What is the path forward for life?

Election Day 2023 continued a losing streak for conservatives on abortion-related issues that began virtually the moment the Supreme Court tossed out Roe v. Wade last year — extending through states that are blue, red and decidedly purple. More Here

In what became one of the most closely watched campaigns of the year, Ohio voters approved a ballot initiative putting protections for reproductive health decisions in the state constitution, including abortion at least until fetal viability. More Here

A Must Read for all! This is another signal how far American has fallen: House Speaker Mike Johnson Under Attack For The Use of Anti-Porn Accountability App

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We believe there is only one God, and He has chosen to reveal Himself
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  1. I am sickened. I am ashamed. I will shout JESUS to whoever is willing to listen. The willful reliance upon the wisdom of the world and the token approach or complete discounting of God’s will and direction for our lives surrounds us, as if it were some corporate policy that matters little. Man does not know better than his Creator. The Creator is being trivialized, if not outright denied. Oh Lord, forgive us! Have mercy upon us! I have insufficient words to truly express the urgency and distress of this situation. He created us. He loves us. He sent His own son to die for us so we could be restored and have eternal life with Him. He has been so VERY patient with us. And yet, how quickly we flee to the evil one and rely upon the wisdom of man (which is foolishness to God) when we should be running and falling in repentance before Almighty God! Father, tenderize the stony hearts, open the eyes and ears of Your children, and bring the stiff-necked to repentance with an understanding that every one of us (past, present and future) is made in Your image, known by You and loved by You. God is God. Man is not God. It is not up to us to decide who lives and who dies.

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