According to KRQE News 13 (Albuquerque, NM), Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has announced that the State of New Mexico will pay $57 million this year to law enforcement agencies to help with recruitment.  This money is in addition to the $50 million allocated last year.

The funds come from the 2022 Law Enforcement Recruitment Fund and a law enforcement retention fund, which have already paid out millions to dozens of law enforcement agencies across the state.

The KRQE News 13 report may be read HERE.

Yesterday, Governor Lujan Grisham posted the following on her Facebook page:

“I have been clear since day one – getting more officers in New Mexico communities is a priority for this administration.  The lifesaving work law enforcement does every day to create safer communities in New Mexico deserves our full support, and providing funding not only to recruit officers but also support staff empowers these agencies to safely and effectively protect and serve New Mexicans.”

My brothers and sisters, like with the education issues plaguing New Mexico, money alone is not a panacea, but funding and actions enhancing the recruitment of additional, qualified officers is going to be a net positive.  The excessive crime in New Mexico, regardless of one’s personal and political beliefs, is an undeniable reality which needs immediate attention!

Sadly, much of the crime in New Mexico seems to be self-inflicted, with law enforcement officers too overwhelmed to address the majority of crime affecting our citizens (e.g., theft, vandalism).  Add to that a legal system not using bail to its full potential and courts operating with a catch-and-release mentality, and we can be assured that crime will remain a problem in New Mexico.

The Answer was, is and will always be, Jesus!  Let’s pray that this funding (read:  our tax dollars) is wisely spent and is put to a genuinely effective use for the citizens of New Mexico!

Praise Jesus forevermore!

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