The America I knew, has already been destroyed. How much more destruction? Politics has destroyed America. The Church has lost its influence on Americans. Just 4% of people in the USA has a Biblical Worldview1 What does that tell you? It gets uglier, as George Barna states, just 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview. George Barna: Most Christians don’t know what a disciple is “The only true social crisis is a worldview crisis. The result is a paucity of Jesus’ disciples. We treat the symptoms rather than the cause of the crisis,” George Barna asserted, outlining statistics often used to refute the idea that there is a worldview crisis in America.

Rome is burning…………

What does it mean when Rome is burning?
To do something trivial and irresponsible in the midst of an emergency; legend has it that while a fire destroyed the city of Rome, the emperor Nero played his violin, thus revealing his total lack of concern for his people and his empire.


Albuquerque, New Mexico is where FGGAM is located. Over the years I have been asked, “When you moving out of there and coming back home?” It is violent here, so very ungodly, the Church has Lost its influence. BUT! God has us here! We do not move unless God says so. Violence is spreading all over the world. I am in my last days. I am in the 4th qt. with the two minute warning sounding and I have no time outs left! Ha! Organized religion sure has to worked. Sharon and I will be wherever God has told us to be, shining the light of JESUS wherever we go. Building bridges of love and trust.

Street violence is hot as hell here in Albuquerque, a thug ran over a little child, killing him, 17 bullets fired into a car killing a child…..hell on earth here. So many babies are being aborted. Oh my! Hell on earth! Where are the Christians? Inside the walls, I beleive. I see the world through a Biblical lens, not my own little  kingdom, I have no such thing, I do not see things from a political perspective, or a what’s it for my pocketbook, or my ego,  I see it from a Biblical Worldview. I seek GOD  most every second of the day. He guides me. I do less stupid things with God as my guide. I am on fire for JESUS! I love everybody! I want people to have what me and Sharon have! JESUS! JESUS! I know no denomination, I know God and all people!

Abortions dramatically increase in New Mexico

Family of Pronoy Bhattacharya files lawsuit against city, BioPark for deadly hit-and-run

Villegas family speaks out following arrest of suspects in boy’s death

Here in Albuquerque it is so very tough to bring Pastors together. The top three Churches in Albuquerque garner around 30,000 people. What would happen if those Pastors and congregants would come together for JESUS and hit the streets along with the rest of us? Albuquerque has a Church on every street corner, but were going to hell as a city. I was at a Pastors prayer meeting awhile back in Albuquerque, and just around 50 people showed up. When I was a firefighter in Osceola, Indiana back in the early 80’s, when we had a major fire we called for mutual aide, asking area departments to come and help us. We needed help, more manpower and water to fight the raging fire. I bring this up because what I see is the Church in Albuquerque and all over America is full of fire engines and water to fight this fire from hell, but they don’t answer the call.

Here is what is taking place in Washington D.C. as reported by the Washington Times:

A diverse group of clergy and civic leaders who gathered in the District on Wednesday said that nothing short of a spiritual renaissance will stem the regional tide of street violence fueled by aimless young people.

Pastors and imams from churches such as Bethel Christian Fellowship and Adams Inspirational AME Church met with Nation of Islam disciples in Anacostia to promote a message tailored to the teens and young adults behind the bloodshed: More Here

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