FGGAM is publishing testimonials from people about how God is working through the ministry to shine the light of Jesus to all. God has given us the mission to reach the world and present a Biblcial Worldview. We are celebrating the Glory of God as we enter our 12th year. If you would like to share with us on how FGGAM is helping you in your daily walk with Jesus, please contact us.

Pictured above is Darlene Solis and her hubby Pastor Ed Solis of Albuquerque. Pastor Ed and Darlene have opened a Church in Albuquerque, ReAwaken City Church. For information please contact Pastor Ed or Darlene. By the way, we are so super blessed to have Pastor Ed as a writer for God here at FGGAM!

From Darlene Solis 

Today there are many sites that we can log on to. There’s a slew of information to try and sort through.

My family and I had been looking for something that was Biblically based.

There are so many websites to choose from to get news updates. I was looking for a site that could look at the news through a Biblical lens to show me where God is in all of this.

Then we found For God’s Glory Alone Ministries!

This was exactly what we had been searching for! All the top stories and headlines.

But the stories that are covered are not what the “big” networks would publish. These are stories that are about our world, our country, and our overlooked communities.

Updates on what’s happening in the churches in America today.

What FGGAM has done for me was so unexpected. It started to give me more hope for the
world we live in. I started feeling more compassion for those that are suffering and changed the way I looked at the news.

I could now see the Hand of God in all of what’s taking place. It started to change the way I prayed.

I was now praying with purpose, using the headlines as my guide. But I found that it was more than just a news site. There is no other site like FGGAM!

Where else can you read the day’s headlines? Have a daily prayer. Be inspired to continue in this journey! It truly is an all-in-one site.

And it is all centered around Jesus and God’s Holy Word! This was the Biblical worldview my soul hungered for! I started following FGGAM on social media. It is awesome to get notifications on new stories.

But it seems like I get the bell for inspiration just when I need it. I often share this site with family and friends, and they love it.

I can tell that Pastor Dewey Moede has not just a calling but a passion in what he has been
called to do. I have had the privilege of hearing him preach, to visit with him; he has such a love for the Word of God and a deep passion for the Lord and for the people.

He truly inspires me daily through his ministry! He and this ministry have been a blessing to myself and those whom I’ve shared it with.

God Bless, Darlene Solis in Albuquerque

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