And people trust Fox to give them a Biblical Worldview????? EVIL! EVIL!! FOOLS! To have anything to do with the Satanic Temple should alarm folks, but then again only 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. What Does God’s Word say about Fools?

Get a load of this EVIL from the Governor of New Mexico! NMAFL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: New Mexico Abortion Hotline Promotes Satanic Temple

I had lunch with a man a few weeks ago and he has made heroes out of newscasters. Be very careful who you idolize. God only!

Journalism has gone to hell in America.


Fox News has reportedly removed The Satanic Temple (TST) from “Fox Giving,” an employee donation matching program, following the public revelation that the conservative news organization had been offering contributions to left-leaning causes.

TheBlaze reported that Fox News had been offering to match employee contributions to organizations that promote values contrary to its own earlier this week. More Here

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