The Christian Post Reports:

Despite Saddleback Church founder Rick Warren’s impassioned speech on the inclusion of women in pastoral roles and the ability to maintain fellowship despite disagreement, the Southern Baptist Convention voted to uphold the church’s expulsion from the denomination. Voters overwhelmingly supported Saddleback’s removal by a vote of 9,437 votes (88.46%) to 1,212 votes (11.36%), with 19 ballots disallowed. Read more.

The Baptist Press Reports: Texas Pastor Bart Barber was reelected to a second term as president of the SBC on Tuesday, June 13, at the 2023 SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Out of 11,014 messenger votes, Barber received 7,531 votes (68.38 percent) while Georgia pastor Mike Stone received 3,458 (31.40) percent. There were 25 ballots disallowed. Story Here


Rick Warren, Saddleback Church’s founder and former senior pastor, published an apology to Christian women leading up to his appeal to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) messengers at this year’s SBC annual meeting.

In February, the SBC Executive Committee (EC) ruled that Saddleback Church was no longer “in friendly cooperation” with the denomination for ordaining women to the role of pastor. More Here

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president Bart Barber exhorted his fellow Southern Baptists at the annual meeting in New Orleans Tuesday to develop a taste for the good, the true and the beautiful. Hours before Barber faces off against Mike Stone in the SBC presidential election, he used his presidential address to challenge messengers to desire to find beauty in the SBC more than they want to find corruption. More Here

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