Who’s fighting the war?

The Lord has been telling me for years that the American Church has lost its influence, for many reasons, which we have and will continue to report. We are standing in the gap for God here at FGGAM, MAKE NO DOUBT! The greatest failure of the America Church, is not to obey JESUS in carrying out THE GREAT COMMISSION! We have only ourselves to blame! Yes us! This is the second baby in New Mexico that I have heard of dying of a Fentanyl overdoes. This baby got into his Mom’s purse and inhaled the Fentanyl and died.

Yes New Mexico! You abort God’s babies and you kill them through drugs and guns. Take responsibility folks!

The American Church loves its pep rallies. From Sister Shari Johnson, the ‘Jesus Chick’ from West Virginia who writes for FGGAM and is Editor of the Ridgeview News in Grantsville, West Virginia: “The church can only be resilient if they have soldiers in the battle. If their soldiers are back at the fort patting each other on the back and telling them how wonderful they are, who’s fighting the war?

Many have left the American Church due to the fact they see the Church as ineffective in solving our problems.

America! The Alarm has been sounding for years! You are killing your own. The enemy is within! Satan is having his way with so many of you! America! You are no longer a GREAT NATION! You are an ungody country! You are not taking care of God’s children. Judgement will come.

KOAT TV reports the horrific news:A mother of three is in custody after her 2-year-old child died from a fentanyl overdose. Kreshenna Delaney, 46, from Rio Rancho, New Mexico has been charged with abandonment or abuse of a child resulting in death. Story Here

Since 2000, more than a million people in the United States have died of drug overdoses, the majority of which were due to opioids. Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids have been driving the crisis in recent years, with an increasing share of the supply coming from Mexico. Fentanyl and the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

Got Questions states: Believers are secure in Christ, but they still must appear before the judgment seat of Christ. It will be a time of examination and a time of reward. Jesus will inspect our works. What did we do with the resources God gave us? How faithful were we? Were we yielded to the Spirit, seeking to honor Christ and further His work in the world? If so, we will have reward (see Matthew 10:41–42). Did we neglect our opportunities to serve the Lord? If so, we will suffer loss of reward. More Here

What will be your answer if God asks you, “Why did you not carry out my Great Commission?”

WE HAVE BEEN SOUNDING THE ALARM! God, Truth, Sin, and Church: Shocking Study Reveals How Americans’ Shifting Views Spark Biblical Worldview Crisis

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