Yesterday I was was first shocked at the news that Charles Stanley passed away, then I got really sad, then thankful for all he modeled and taught me. PRICELESS! My goodness, he gave me an education from far away! I did get to meet him in person twice at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Dr. Stanley’s ministry has helped FGGAM since the start by donating teaching materials! PTL! He and his staff are such wonderful people. One day I posted on RETIREMENT! One lady gave me heat on that! I will never retire from preaching until the LORD directs me to. Many of my main mentors are 80 years of age and older! PTL!!! They still are producing fruit for the Kingdom! Read what my hero Charles Stanley says.

Dr. Charles Stanley Says Retirement Is Unbiblical

More Here on the passing of Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley and Jimmy Carter Inspire Me!

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