I wrote this special poem back on October 11th 2022. To the Families going through trials and tribulations, the ones sadly dealing with loss of life and grief. And I also dedicate this poem to the silently lost and hurting out there.

“We Are Here”

I see your heart, You’re trying Hard.

To put on a show and keep up your guard.

You won’t let us see the hurt that you feel.

Instead, you got tough not showing what’s real.

But I have some news that you need to know.

That hurt that you hide is starting to show.

So please let us in to come by your side.

We love you. We’re right here with arms open wide.

Please remember there are people around you who truly care about you…. let them in. Stay Blessed and Less Stressed. Peace and Love To You ALL!

Copyright ©2022 Stephen Lewis

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