CBS News is reporting the early morning derailment of a BNSF Railway train in Raymond, Minnesota.  The derailment involved 22 railcars carrying ethanol and corn syrup, with four of them catching fire.  Evacuations were ordered.  [Note:  Photograph credit to Kerem Yücel/Minnesota Public Radio via Associated Press.]

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg reported to CNN that US Environmental Protection Agency officials were responding to the incident, “given the hazardous material situation.”  BNSF officials said the only hazardous material being transported was ethanol.

The CBS News story may be viewed HERE.

My brothers and sisters, with train derailments being so common, it seems about time for a top-down regulatory review of safety requirements and procedures to determine what steps need to be taken in the industry to better protect the public and the environment by preventing more of these accidents.

The risk, as always, is overreaching government (no matter how well meaning).  Let’s pray for governmental and industry wisdom, and the willingness to legitimately address this issue!

Praise Jesus forevermore!

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