The UN is worthless in my opinion. Now, this news shows even more how dysfunctional it has become.

From The Guardian:

‘Absurdity to a new level’ as Russia takes charge of UN security council

The Monthly rotation of presidency of 15-member council has been unaffected by Ukraine war. More Here

The United States remains the largest donor to the United Nations. It contributed more than $12 billion in 2021 Funding the United Nations: How Much Does the U.S. Pay?


  1. I remember in years past the UN appointed (or allowed a rotation for) gross human rights violators to lead human rights councils, etc. And, considering the ongoing war in Ukraine, as an unprovoked aggressor with associated war crimes and threats to launch nuclear attacks, allowing Russia to even sit on the UN Security Council is folly (or maybe it shows the organization’s true colors). Not one cent should go to this organization.

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