I can identify with this message from Angie Ward in CHURCHLEADERS, as this is also crisis in Albuquerque and all over America. It just breaks me down to tears.

Angie Ward, the general editor for “The Least of These,” is a leadership author and teacher with nearly 30 years of experience in church, parachurch, and Christian higher education ministry. Angie is known for her genuine love for those in ministry, her down-to-earth style, and her unique ability to see and explain complex concepts and systems. Angie is an award-winning regular contributor to Christianity Today leadership publications and holds a Ph.D. in Ministry Leadership from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She currently serves as interim director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Denver Seminary.

Nearly every day, I take my dog on a walk around my neighborhood in my adopted city of Denver. In just a two-mile loop, I see so many needs. There’s a man in a wheelchair struggling to cross the street before the traffic lights change. There is a single mother among a group of grocery-store coworkers, picketing for a better wage in frigid temperatures outside the store.

I walk past a homeless family huddled under the minimal shelter of the side entry to a local church, the entirety of their possessions contained in a shopping cart, the young children trying to stay warm in ragged sleeping bags. There are several neighbors with mental illness, their porches and yards piled high with clutter More Here

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