The picture at the very top is just one of the many crosses Mr. Kastendieck of Grants, NM sent me to give as I minister. Most people tear up. Thank you so much Pastor Wtl Danny Almanza for hooking me up with Mr. Kastendieck!
The last two days have been so very busy! I ended yesterday by spending an hour in the dentists chair! LOL! I thought Dr. Amy was looking for brains and could not find any!!! Anyhow the last two days have been very hard, but very good. Meeting people where they are at in life. From losing a child, to losing a brother, to a lovely lady that is confined to a wheelchair, to a young lady who lost her job, to many, many people who just want LOVE! So many! I want to thank my lovely wife Sharon for always checking up on me as she did yesterday, when I am gone from home. I would be in a ditch without her. I also thank Pastor Danny in Grants for hooking me up with a lovely man that makes crosses! I hand them out to folks that God shows me to. People tear up… these troubled days, people need to know the love of Jesus. Yesterday a man I call “Doc” gave me a hundred dollar bill to hand to someone that God shows me. Doc says, I trust you so much Dewey, I know God will show you, He always does.” Doc has probably given me close to a thousand bucks to hand out. That trust he has in me, humbles me so very, very much! Very blessed man I am, in so many ways.
Take it from me, It is good to meet people where they are at, instead of where you are camped. be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community. Thanks to all of you who support the efforts of FGGAM.
We will never forget you all! We still marvel at God’s blessing of the folks that came together so we could purchase a new Jesus Car! GOD BLOWS US AWAY WITH HIS MIRACLES!!! Just think folks, this is the third Jesus car, two have been donated! DO YOU SEE THE WORK OF GOD???????? DO YOU SEE? What are you going to do for GOD today?

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