Very dangerous situation here. Putin is more than just blinded by Satan, he is completely controlled by Satan. I have stated that for years. As long as he is around, the hell will continue. Don’t count him out in using nuclear weapons. Putin is a mad man, just as Hitler was. You cannot reason with a fool. It is going to take more than words to deal with this fool. How does God’s Word describe a fool? Here


Russia’s attack of a U.S. drone in international airspace on Tuesday quickly sparked concerns, spurring anxiety in Washington and drumming up fear across the nation of a wider escalation between the two countries.

The Biden administration and lawmakers have blasted Russia for what they called an unprofessional and unsafe maneuver in which two Russian jets damaged a U.S. MQ-9, forcing it to crash land in the Black Sea Tuesday. More Here

Strategy Change – Putin Replacing PMC Wagner Group’s Mercenaries With Russian Military In Bakhmut

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