Billy Hallowell of CBN Reports:

The video of Meteorologist Matt Laubhan’s prayer quickly went viral, but the impact is now getting increased attention, with some residents of Amory crediting the meteorologist with saving their lives.

Leah Ann Hubbard told The Independent she’s used to tornado weather in Mississippi but that Laubhan’s report dismantled the typically “unfazed” feeling many have during these storms. Story Here

The Baptist Press brings us this report:

Pastor Bob Gilliland’s son Roger called and told him to turn on the weather; a tornado was approaching. “I was getting ready to go to bed and she was watching her Hallmark,” the 81-year-old Gilliland said of himself and his wife Betty, 79. “We turned on the weather and they were showing pictures of the tornado and said it was heading towards us. She got in the bathroom and I stood in the hall. The tornado came through and shook the house but neither one of us got a scratch. More Here From The Baptist Press

Our hearts break……We are praying for all.

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