Years ago, God gave me a very special blessing in meeting Pastor Ruben Gomez of Midland, Texas. Ruben’s grandson worked for American General Media here in Albuquerque. AGM is where KKIM Christian radio was also located, I was the manger of KKIM at the time. His grandson introduced us, and a precious friendship began. When Ruben would come to Albuquerque, he would stop by and I would have him on my radio program, or we would have lunch, along with our wives, my wife Sharon and Ruben’s wife Lucy. That is not happened enough! Here is the miracle God did through Ruben and Lucy! I think it was back in 2015, I am getting old, dates don’t always come easy to me anymore, anyhow, Ruben called me one night years around 5:30pm, I will never forget this conversation, he asked me if I still went to Reserve to preach. I told him yes, he asked how is your car running, I said its okay, I do have to do repairs on it for around two thousand, but its running. My  mind is wondering why he is asking me all these questions. THEN! Ruben told me that he had gotten Lucy a new car and wanted to give me her car! I WAS IN DISBELIEF!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE!!! THIS IS WHY I BELEIVE IN GOD AND SERVE HIM WITH ALL I GOT!!!!! I SEE WHAT GOD DOES THROUGH PEOPLE TO HELP ME AND SHARON SERVE HIM!!!!!! I was sadden when the Buick decided to retire, it could not be fixed anymore, it served us so well, so many, many ministry miles. Just a note! When the Buick retired, people gathered together and bought us a USED, (NEW TO US) car!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS!! JESUS!!! I called the Buick the ‘Jesus Car’  I am so ever thankful, now we have a new ‘Jesus Car.’

HOLY COW! I could go on and on. Ruben is a mentor, we talk from time to time, he sends me scripture every day, he sends me cards of inspiration weekly through the internet. Ruben is just a phone call away. He is a very humble man. He is so very full of Biblical wisdom. I also am thankful to Ruben in that he served our country in Vietnam! He is 78, twice a cancer survivor, still serving God, still humble and loving JESUS and sharing JESUS with all. We need more Ruben’s and Lucy’s in this world! Amen!

This is from ‘Your Basin’ a media outlet in Midland, Texas:

Meet Hometown Hero Ruben Gomez

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