It’s a Child, Not a Choice! Amen!

I love the tenacity of Sister Ethel Maharg who is the Director of New Mexico Right to Life, giving up is not in here DNA! The above picture is of a billboard that NM Right to Life has placed in Albuquerque! PTL! We have other soldiers for God and His babies like Ethel here in New Mexico, but not enough. The Pro-Choice folks rule New Mexico right now, all the way up through the ballot box to the legislature and right to the governors desk. I have watched and have taken part in this fight for the lives of God’s babies in New Mexico now for almost 20 years, first at KKIM and the last almost 11 years at FGGAM. As a Pastor here in New Mexico since 2009, I PREACH FOR GOD’ BABIES! I have interviewed so many folks in the state and out-of-state regarding God’s babies. I do miss doing live radio interviews with all the folks that have an awesome passion for God’s babies. What does the Bible say about abortion? Simply put, abortion is murder. It is the killing of a human being created in the image of God. Just think, the majority of the legislators, plus the governor are for the killing of God’s babies in New Mexico! A BIG SHAME! What does that say about the effectiveness of the Churches in New Mexico?

Are You Working in God’s Field? Sadly here in New Mexico many are working for the do little-sit more church, while God’s babies are killed. I challenge you! Are you making a difference for God in your community, state, nation and the world? Look in the mirror today. From Beautiful Christian Life: All Christians have various callings in life, some of which include being a church member, child, sibling, spouse, parent, citizen, employee, employer, and friend. When we are faithful in our callings, we honor God and are a blessing to others. When we neglect our responsibilities in our callings, we dishonor God and cause pain and suffering. The Reality and Joy of Accountability

Adrian Rogers:

There’s never been a greater time to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The great revivalist Vance Havner said, “Too many are willing to sit at God’s table but not work in His field. …God has a place and purpose for you, somewhere for you to be and something for you to do. You never will be happy elsewhere, nor can you please God anywhere but there.”

Remind yourself today and say out loud: “I have been called into the ministry. I am saved to serve. God, make me a servant. God, make me a minister.” God has called you. Think what will happen if all of us really begin to minister. We’ll turn the world upside down and inside out for Jesus Christ. We could change the world for Jesus if we each understood we’ve been saved to serve. God has called you into the ministry. You don’t just sit in church to soak and sour but to serve.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — New law puts Wyoming at forefront of abortion pill bans

The fight for God’s babies continues in New Mexico:

New Mexico passed laws protecting access to abortion. Opponents ready for legal fight — even to U.S. Supreme Court.

From Ethel Maharg:

My Favorite Right is Life!

March 21, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and it is a great reminder of new life. To that end I want to call your attention to our new billboard located on Northbound I-25 just south of the Bernalillo exit.

The Billboard reminds us that the life living inside the Mom’s womb is a Child, not a choice to be made. We pray that they will be a sign for that woman who is questioning her decisions.

Right to Life is the only local Pro-life organization that has had a regular billboard presence for the past three years. This has been made possible because of generous donors who make this a reality. Thank you so much for your faithfulness.

We love hearing from you when you see these billboards, so give us a shoutout when you see one.

Thank you for all you do for the cause of life.

My Favorite Right is Life!

God bless,

Ethel Maharg

Executive Director


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I am very disturbed by this report! What has the governor and all her assistants, that are to protect the people of New Mexico, been doing over the last 4 years plus????? THEY ALL ARE LOST! The governor got her $10 million dollar baby killing factory. New Mexico governor pledges $10M for new abortion clinic.  The guv fails our children, CYFD is a huge failure in New Mexico, Lawsuit: CYFD failure led to toddler suffering months of abuse. New Mexico fails to protect God’s babies.  Unheard CYFD bills have lawmakers asking questions. GOD IS NOT HAPPY WITH YOU NEW MEXICO! Can it get worse here? Yes and it will. The governor has had more cabinet officers resign, I have lost count. To think the people of New Mexico reelected her! Was the GOP pick for governor that bad? The GOP really needs to ponder their future.

I hear horror stories about this situation, especially the disability providers!

First the past…….

Do you remember this people of New Mexico? The problems that Lujan Grisham has seen in the past when she was director of the state’s Agency of aging and secretary of the Department of Health? Controversial past still follows New Mexico governor candidate Lujan Grisham

Now here in2023……….

KOB TV: Gov. Lujan Grisham announces investigation into more developmental disability providers

ABQ Journal: After client injured, state plans review of thousands on developmental disabilities waivers


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