“Live you life so that at your funeral even the undertaker cries.” Mark Twain

We all do not like to talk about our own death, but we need to, we need to plan for it. We need to be Biblically sound when we do.

This message by Kim Riddlebarger in CHURCHLEADERS is excellent. As many of you know I officiate many funerals. So many people have their own belief of what happens when one dies. I have become more comfortable in thinking about by own death over the years. One key thing is, I got to clean up my office and not leave Sharon with my big mess! I am like the ‘mad professor’ with files, papers and books all over my desk and floor! BUT I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS! Okay, most of the time! LOL!  I have learned much from officiating funerals. As a Christian, you must stick with the God’s Words on what happens when you die. So many have written books about death and heaven and have not done it Biblically. I am helping a man plan for his own death at this time. It is wise to do so, so that your family is not stuck with questions, it causes problems for your loved ones. So many folks do not have life insurance and have to do a ‘Go Fund’ or whatever they call it. Plan ahead and purchase life insurance if you can so that your family does not have to struggle to pay for your funeral. That is just the right thing to do. I purchased my life insurance policy when I was very young!

Thank you Kim Riddlebarger for your message:

We’ve all heard stories about those who supposedly died and then returned from the afterlife. Such stories are fascinating, which explains the existence of the cottage industry of books written about near-death experiences that spin tales of the author’s personal visit to heaven before returning to write a book about their experience. More Here

On his death bed my buddy Norm Merlock told me, “All is well with my soul, Dewey.” Is all well with your soul? If I can counsel you on anything please contact me. My information is below.


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