I remember meeting with Pastor Don Kimbro in his office at Heights Christian Church and discussing with him about starting a ministry program! GREAT MEMORIES! Sharon and I love Pastor Don and Dorothy so very much! They show the world JESUS everyday! They both have such godly wisdom!!! Our Heroes of Faith!!! You knew it was 7:30am when Pastor Don’s intro music came on!

Hi Dewey,
I thought you would be interested in this. “Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end!”

Four times a day; five days a week; fifty-two weeks a year; for six and a half years—this beautiful song graced the opening and closing of my Nuggets of Truth radio program on KKIM. I hope you enjoy it as much as Dorothy and I did—and still do! Blessings.

 Don’t miss this great movie about the Jesus Movement beginning February 22.

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